AngularJS vs ReactJS vs VueJS vs NodeJS: Which Platform is perfect for Web Development

Javascript platforms help to build dynamic web development, inventory, real-time chat, processing, e-commerce website, and list goes on. There are several frameworks available in the market and are continuously being updated to remain in the competition. Here in this blog post we will do a thorough comparison between best platforms AngularJS vs ReactJS vs VueJS vs NodeJS.

For many years developers face a big challenge to decide from the best frameworks. Undoubtedly they are the top four best Javascript frameworks in the market currently. Therefore we decided to provide detailed information that would serve as the perfect guide to make a sound decision.

This blog shares different aspects of these frameworks to help you decide the most suitable one whether Reactjs development services or any other for your business needs. We are focused to bring awareness to the whole concept of judging front-end Javascript frameworks. Even if a new framework enters the competition, you would be aware of the parameters for your business needs.


Angular was released in 2010 by Google. The moment which gained huge attention was when Google dropped JS from AngularJS and released Angular 2. Although AngularJS still gets timely updates, the latest version Angular 2 still receives updates. The most stable version was released in November 2020. You can integrate this platform by being in touch with a professional AngularJS developer.

Why Choose AngularJS for Web Development?

• Angular offers streamlined data synchronization between the model view and components.
• It offers an inbuilt dependency injection for dependencies. With this it is easy to do fast and easy Angular app development.
• Angular templates are conventionally plain HTML. It comprises of instructions in extended HTML terminologies that help map the model into the view.
• All elements can be tested in the initial development stages.
• The whole process is performed using Javascript controllers.


React was initially released by Facebook in year 2013. Ever since then Facebook has made regular use of the same in their app like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. The latest version in the market will be released soon and has received smaller incremental updates since then. Seeing backed by Facebook, ReactJs Development Company demand has surged for web application development. Also, the most popular comparison seen on the internet is Angular vs React.

Why Choose ReactJS for Web Development?

• It promotes client as well as server-side rendering.
• You can use JS to write native iOS apps.
• It is perfect for highly reusable components.
• React updates the parts that needs to be changed or updated using the virtual React DOM.
• One can exercise a separate option for a pure Javascript template.
• The framework is quite simple for beginners to explore as it comes with a small API.


Vue was introduced in 2014 and saw an exponential rise in its popularity without any additional support of a tech giant. The latest version of this framework was released in 2020. Vue has received great support from Patreon. The platform has a huge reputation on GitHub and has transitioned to TypeScript. A team of professional can offer detailed insight into this framework.

Why Choose VueJS for Web Development?

• It’s the easiest framework of the lot to set up and start using.
• The framework is best suitable to create front-end development.
• One can create robust apps without any external plugins.
• VueJS offers the most descriptive and consummate library, therefore making the development process easier.
• The framework is highly flexible and can be used in different environments. Apart from this, it offers support for PWAs that can be easily configured.
• Vue offers detailed documentation, which works well even for beginners having limited knowledge of HTML and Javascript.


NodeJS was launched in 2009 and was adopted by companies like Uber & Linkedin. In 2012, saw a strong adoption by several companies and found its first big blogging platform known as Ghost. The latest version was introduced in 2021.

Why Choose NodeJS for Web Development?

• NodeJS can be used to code both front and back end.
• Using the same one can manage network traffic, listen and reply to HTTP requests, and directly access the databases using a computer.
• Node.JS has become quite popular for micro-service architecture because it’s lightweight and scalable.
• With the regular investment of Google, the Javascript community makes regular improvements in the engine.
• The performance issues is simple to address using the non-blocking input-output model. NodeJS is the perfect platform to build real-time apps that need constant data updates.

So, from above discussion a business can analyze which is a better platform for their web application development services. As per all features ReactJs is the best framework to invest and start development work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the development cost of ReactJs application?
The development cost depends on the complexity, features, size and experienced of the developers. The whole process is transparent and proper details are shared accordingly on regular basis.

2. Can we make an Android app using React?
Yeah, with React Native you can build mobile apps that can run on iOS and Android. This is one of the great benefits of React Native. Before Facebook created it, you had to build your app twice and with different code: one for iOS using Swift or Objective-C and one for Android using Java or Kotlin.

3. Why is Reactjs used to build an application?
JavaScript Friendly and Facebook allow the use of JSX, a syntax extension. It allows you to combine the functionalities of JavaScript and HTML. As a developer, you can now focus on creating individual components and then combine them. This allows for the easy development of high-volume applications.

4. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the idea?
Yes, we sign a strict NDA to protect your application idea & data. Hence, we ensure complete security and privacy of your application development project.

Wrapping Up:

Here’s a wrap of AngularJS vs ReactJS vs VueJS vs NodeJS blog. We being a ReactJs development company are skilled in using the frameworks. So, if you’re ever in the need to hire ReactJs developers, you know which doors to knock. Stay in touch with us today by signing up for a free consultation on our website.