7 Reasons Why ReactJS is the most Preferable Framework

In this continuously evolving ecosystem of front-end development, ReactJS has emerged as one of the highly used open-source Javascript based frameworks. Numerous organizations from different industries are actively looking to hire ReactJS developers in order to migrate to this technology and to get the best out of this trending tool.

ReactJS Web Development Companies in India
are capitalizing on this situation the most around the world. But why the sudden surge? A prominent reason for this surge of ReactJS is due to the fact that it is launched by Facebook. Further, its association with market giants like Netflix, Yahoo, BBC, Instagram, etc made it the most preferred user interface building tool.

According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2019, ReactJS web development is one of the most loved web frameworks. But what makes it so effective that developers started to prefer and migrate from angular to ReactJS?

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is nothing but a JavaScript library used for building interactive user interfaces, mostly for single-page applications. It is developed and maintained by Facebook, the Social Media King for the past decade. Developers using other frameworks were facing difficulty as they needed to write many lines of complex code in order to develop a simple component. ReactJS resolved this problem as well as allowed developers to reuse the code, making the execution process faster.

ReactJS, according to its creator Jordan Walke, is a simple, efficient, and flexible open-source library for developing scalable and fast front-ends for applications. Today, more than 250,000 live websites are relying on ReactJS technology. With so many big brands associated, React must be providing something extraordinary, right!

Let’s check out the key benefits that made it so popular among developers.

Reasons that made ReactJS stand out from its competitors

Easy to Learn
Compared to its popular competitors like Vue and Angular, react is much easier to learn.

This is one of the prominent reasons which causes the migration of brands to adopt ReactJS. It helps in the faster building of projects.

The harder the technology is to learn, the longer it’ll take to complete a project. ReactJS comes with sufficient documentation and training resources. Possessing Javascript skills comes in handy while learning ReactJS

Reusable Components
Many applications share the same components as their core functionalities like drop-downs, buttons, checkboxes, etc. With the ReactJS framework, developers will be able to use the same components with different applications.

This feature comes as a blessing for developers as it saves a lot of time developing similar components and helping them complete the project at a faster pace.

Moreover, with lesser coding to do in ReactJS, developers commit fewer errors and increase the chances of enhancing the performance of applications.

Dynamic Web Applications
Creating a dynamic application using HTML strings is a pretty complicated task as it requires a large amount of complex coding. reactJS, However, resolved this issue by offering JSX, a notable syntax that lets HTML tag syntax applications and HTML quotes to access certain subcontinents.

It also offers the construction of machine-language codes.

Enhance Productivity
Creating an application that accesses a lot of data and user interaction, developers need to consider the whole app structure’s impact on its performance. Document Object Model, a programming API deals with the structure of XML, HTML, and XHTML. The performance of the application declined whenever the DOM was updated, a major issue for developers.

ReactJS resolved this issue by providing a Virtual DOM hosted within its memory. Now, any changes made to the original DOM, the virtual DOM tends to reflect the changes automatically, eliminating the need of updating DOM regularly as well as enhancing the speed and performance of the application.

Isomorphic Applications
Yet another important advantage of ReactJS, developing Isomorphic Applications. JS lets developers use the same code on both the client and server-side of the application. This feature helps in the faster rendering of the application over the server and helps in indexing web pages, enhancing rankings of the website over search engines.

SEO friendly
SEO optimized websites are the need of the hour for every business. According to MOZ, the lower the page load speed and the higher the rendering over the server, the better a website will rank over search engines.

With the ability to create isomorphic applications and increasing the rendering effect, ReactJS significantly reduced the Page load time of webpages compared to other frameworks, resulting in a higher ranking in search engines.

It’s super easy to test a ReactJS-based application. The simplicity of ReactJS applications is because of the fact that Views in these applications are treated as a State’s Functions. Therefore, it’s easier to manipulate the States while we move across the React Views.

This allows you to view all the outputs from which you can presume the functionality of the application and check if it’s working properly or not.

ReactJS is known to allow developers to debug and test their projects using native tools also.


With Fortune 500 companies to SMBs, all are making a shift to ReactJS as it opens new prospects for them. Without a doubt, ReactJS is a world-class tool for developing breezy and top quality applications. It offers the developers to create a single-page application with comparatively less coding than other frameworks.

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