The Ultimate ReactJS Digital Transformation Guide for Your Business

It is quite a daunting task to assess and hire ReactJS developers, especially if you’re a non-tech business founder. Some of the critical factors include whether you should hire offshore ReactJS developers or onshore developers. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, you will also consider hiring remote ReactJS developers who will spend dedicated hours on your project development. However, if you’re an entrepreneur with a non-technical background, do you know the crucial aspects of ReactJS technology, such as its market presence, its future, and the finance involved in the development? Not to worry, this ReactJS digital transformation guide has got you covered.

Having worked on numerous projects as a ReactJS development company, we have become experts on this topic. We have compiled the most relevant facts and information about ReactJS technology in this digital transformation guide to help you make an informed decision. We have shared why big companies prefer to hire ReactJS developers for building scalable business solutions. By the end of this guide, you will have ample knowledge to make better business decisions.

Let’s Dive Into the ReactJS Digital Transformation Guide

A Brief Introduction to the Top Front-end Technologies

Front-end development frameworks play a crucial role in determining the success of your software development. They are responsible for the product’s user experience, and therefore, you must choose your front-end technology wisely.

However, there are numerous front-end frameworks out there in the market that are competing against each other. One of the strong competitors of ReactJS is Angular. Usually, business entrepreneurs remain in the dilemma of whether they should opt for ReactJS development or Angular development.

So, in this section of our ReactJS digital transformation guide, we have compared ReactJS vs Angular to help you choose the perfect front-end technology for your project. We have focused on ReactJS and Angular because the former is the product of Facebook and the latter belongs to Google.

Let us understand the basics of React and Angular.

ReactJs Angular
ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library developed by Facebook Created by Google, Angular is a structural, front-end development framework for building web applications
ReactJS is an open-source, front-end development library. It is component-based and is responsible for the application’s view layer Angular is an open-source JS framework that uses HTML as the template language. The technology allows extending HTML syntax to clearly define the application’s components
The bundle size of ReactJS is just 97.5 KB. ReactJS is 7 times smaller than Angular Angular’s bundle size is 766 KB
ReactJS is used to create complex UIs using independent and reusable components. It focuses on building the User Interface of any application. Angular is used for creating simple to complex UIs. It is a full-stack development framework that helps developers to create front-end-based apps without using additional plug-ins or frameworks.
It is used to build web and mobile applications. It allows developers to build single-page applications as well as mobile applications with dynamic, complex, and interactive UIs It helps in developing web apps, single-page apps, and hybrid apps. Its data binding and dependency injection functionalities eliminate the need to write too many codes
ReactJS ensures full backward compatibility. It is much easier to migrate to different versions of ReactJS It takes a longer time to migrate to the latest version of Angular. For example, you cannot jump from Angular 2.0 to 7.0 directly. You need to install updates between the versions
ReactJS offers the fastest performance, regardless of the application’s size as it uses Virtual DOM (Document Object Model). Virtual DOM enables developers to make changes in the required section without rewriting the entire HTML doc virtually Angular and the majority of other existing frameworks operate on Real DOM. Real DOM, instead of changing just the desired profile, updates the complete tree structure of HTML tables until it reaches the required data
Since the front-end library uses virtual DOM and Server-Side rendering ensures the best user experience and performance Angular is more suitable for creating enterprise-grade applications
Companies using ReactJS include Netflix, WhatsApp, Airbnb, Reddit, etc Companies using Angular include BMW, Forbes, Xbox, and many more

ReactJS Market Analysis

Although ReactJS is a young technology in the front-end technology space, it has emerged as one of the most dominant and preferred technologies amongst developers and businesses.

React is the most downloaded technology of the three leading frameworks – React, Angular, and Vue. It is used by 3.6% of all the websites whose JavaScript libraries are known. 54.1% of websites are using version 16 of ReactJS while 12.0% are using version 17.

If you’re planning to build a web application in 2022, opting for ReactJS application development will offer a big advantage in terms of services, flexibility, scalability, tutorials, advice, and bug fixes.

Moreover, about 60% of developers prefer to use ReactJS over other front-end frameworks. When it comes to the most loved and wanted frameworks amongst developers, ReactJS is in the lead with 25.1%.

Top Advantages of Choosing ReactJS Development

When you hire ReactJS developers for your project, you enjoy tons of business benefits. The library allows developers to build interactive, stateful, and reusable UI components. It enables the development of web apps that can modify data without page reloading. Besides these benefits, there are several other benefits that may convince you to invest in a ReactJS development company.

Our ReactJS digital transformation guide highlights the top advantages of using ReactJS for application development.

  • Smaller Bundle Size
  • A smaller file size ensures a fast loading speed. So, the faster it loads, the higher will be the search engine ranking and conversion rates. ReactJS has a bundle size of only 97.5 KB and is 7 times smaller than Angular (766 KB).

    Therefore, Angular offers a slower experience than ReactJS technology.

  • Handles DOM Manipulation
  • The manipulation of the Document Object Model (DOM) is a time-consuming and expensive process. React reduces this lengthy process by maintaining its own virtual DOM. It re-renders only when necessary which ensures high performance.

    So, you will rarely need to touch the DOM directly. Instead, React will handle DOM manipulation for you.

  • Reliable Technology
  • React is being used by the top tech giants Facebook and Instagram, so you can be confident about its reliability and performance. So far, ReactJS has served all its existing users well, and they haven’t experienced major issues with the library.

  • Easy Component Creation
  • ReactJS handles only individual components, which render depending on their internal state. This makes it easier to understand what is happening behind the scene at any time.

    So, you can test individual UI components in isolation and can add new components without worrying about their effects on the rest of your application.

  • Server-Side Rendering Favors SEO and Social Sharing
  • ReactJS offers fast rendering with minimal page-load time features which contribute to higher search engine ranking. This is one reason why businesses prefer to hire ReactJS developers.

    The basic SPA supports client-side rendering, which means the built-in .js file gets downloaded first to the browser before the whole page starts loading. After that, the web content is rendered by client-side JavaScript. If a social media bot requests the same page to create a preview, it rejects the JS code and ends up with a plain preview of the page.

  • Backward Compatibility
  • If you want to enhance the project gradually by adding new features in the feature, ReactJS is the feasible option.

    ReactJS offers full backward compatibility. Therefore, migrating between various versions of ReactJS is extremely easy. The time taken to migrate between versions is negligible.

  • Enhanced Performance
  • With virtual DOM, ReactJS ensures better performance than Angular which operates on real DOM. Virtual DOM enables developers to make changes in the preferred section without rewriting the whole HTML doc virtually. On the other hand, real DOM updates the whole tree structure of HTML tables until it reaches the required data, instead of changing just the needed profile.

  • Data Visualization Tools
  • Dashboards or data visualization tools are great use-cases of ReactJS. They are essential for a user to comprehend the gist of data in a manner that could be quickly understood. Data visualization is crucial, especially in use-cases like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Component Reusability
  • This feature of ReactJS ensures the effective development of the product. ReactJS allows developers to build independent, reusable components that make your code modular and organized.

    Therefore, if the dashboard components are well-thought-of right from the beginning, they can be reused anywhere without any additional setup.

  • Fast and Efficient UI Updates
  • Data visualization tools or dashboards require regular updates of components so that you can easily track your data in real-time.

    For example, continuous updates of data charts and notifications should be shown on the screen instantly and effectively.

  • Ideal for Building a Variety of Platforms
  • ReactJS is the best fit for social networking and eCommerce platforms. Since these platforms contain interactive elements, investing in ReactJS application development can be the best option. Facebook is the best example of a ReactJS-based social media application.

    ReactJS features facilitate effective eCommerce development. Enhanced performance with virtual DOM, reusable UI components, well-designed and customizable navigation tools, and many other features are crucial for eCommerce development.

    In addition to social media sites and eCommerce portals, you can hire ReactJS developers to build data web applications, eLearning web applications, etc.

    Evaluate the Costing Aspects of ReactJS Development

    The next step of our ReactJS digital transformation guide is to evaluate the cost of development. ReactJS is one of the most cost-effective JavaScript frameworks in the market. With the availability of effective features like virtual DOM, component reusability, fast rendering of web pages, instant bug fixes, etc. the development process becomes easier and less time-consuming. And, reduced development time ensures lower development costs. However, several other factors add to the total cost of ReactJS development. These factors include:

  • App’s Complexity
  • Development Requirements
  • User Authorization
  • Add-ons and Plugins
  • Category of the App
  • App’s Design
  • Size of the Project
  • Location of the Development Agency
  • Developer’s Experience
  • App Distributions
  • App Maintenance and Support
  • You can approach a ReactJS development company that can give you a quotation considering the above-mentioned development cost factors.

    The Future and Growth of ReactJS

    In our opinion, the future of ReactJS is very bright. With the support of Facebook and exceptional features, ReactJS has overtaken all its competitors in the last few years. Its focus on user experience and development simplicity has increased the demand among entrepreneurs to hire ReactJS developers and is expected to grow in the future.

    Moreover, as it is supported by an extremely active community of expert developers and contributors, the ReactJS documentation is improving every day. Also, most of the reported bugs are fixed instantly.

    All these are making ReactJS very stable, future-proof, and mature and attracting numerous open source initiatives.

    Hire ReactJS Developers Wisely

    The availability of numerous ReactJS developers in the market makes it difficult to hire the right ReactJS developers for your projects.

    Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when hiring ReactJS developers.

    Deep Knowledge of Technologies

    A proficient ReactJS developer must know the following:


  • Bootstrap
  • Backbone
  • SocketIO
  • Angular2
  • AngularJS
  • Technologies

  • Ajax
  • JSON
  • SOAP
  • XSLT
  • Canvas Websockets
  • Builders

  • Bower
  • Browersify
  • Grunt
  • Webpack
  • Gulp
  • Application platforms
  • CMS

  • Apache
  • WordPress
  • Nginx
  • Elasticsearch
  • OpenStack
  • Confluence
  • Libraries

  • JQuery
  • Lodash
  • MomentJS
  • Databases

  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Services

  • Npm
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Github
  • SaaS
  • Testing

  • Selenium
  • TDD
  • Mocha
  • Karma
  • Unit-tests
  • Enzyme
  • Hard Skills of a ReactJS Developer

  • A ReactJS developer must be well-versed in JavaScript to understand the workflow and architecture of various applications.
  • The developer should know how to write clear and concise codes. The ReactJS app developer should also have vast experience in GitHub, CI/CD tools, unit testing, and DevOps.
  • The ReactJS developer should have deep knowledge of ReactJS along with different frameworks, libraries, and tools.
  • Soft Skills of a ReactJS Developer

  • The ReactJS app developer must be a team player as the software development encompasses various aspects of product delivery and requires thorough planning.
  • The developer must welcome constructive feedback from clients and should be eager to learn new skills always
  • The ReactJS developer must gather all the relevant information and focus on building a customer-centric product. This helps in saving time, money, and resources.
  • The developer should also possess excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Key Responsibilities of a ReactJS Developer

  • Creating cross-compatible HTML/CSS/JS components by developing and optimizing reusable HTML/CSS components
  • Writing expressive, compact, and modern UI code using JavaScript features, stylesheets, and CSS preprocessors like Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (SASS) and Leaner Style Sheets (LESS)
  • Employing React workflows like Redux and Context APIs and handling the app’s state and functional libraries to generate asynchronous API calls and computed data from the state
  • Using wireframes and mockups to write quality code for UI
  • Improving the app’s performance while monitoring the code at all times
  • Building interactive UI components using ReactJS
  • Why Should You Hire a ReactJS Development Company?

    A reputable and trustworthy ReactJS development company can help you build robust ReactJS web and mobile applications within your budget and timeline. Here are the major advantages of working with a ReactJS development agency:

  • When working with an experienced ReactJS development agency, you don’t need to worry about the product delivery process. A company uses a streamlined development process as it works with numerous clients every day
  • A development company works according to their clients’ requirements. If you need to complete your project quickly, the company will deploy a dedicated team for it. Also, you can get a scalable development team with the ReactJS development agency
  • While the onboarding process is time-consuming, it can save a lot of time as a company will assign an experienced development team to work on your project
  • The technical expertise of a ReactJS development company can help you build robust and scalable products and stay ahead of your competitors
  • To hire the best ReactJS developer, you need to define the requirements of your project. Clear thinking can help you choose the best ReactJS developer for your project development.


    ReactJS is one of the fastest-growing front-end JavaScript-based frameworks that can help you build robust, intuitive, and feature-rich web and mobile applications. ReactJS helps developers to build highly engaging applications with responsive and dynamic UI within a short period. It helps them to build complex UI components and build single-page apps with less coding. You can take your business to level 2.0 by hiring the best ReactJS development team.

    We hope this informative ReactJS digital transformation guide has enlightened you on the topic. As a leading ReactJS development company, we deal with clients who belong to various business sectors and come with numerous queries related to ReactJS technology. In this guide, we have covered all the relevant details of ReactJS application development to help you make an informed decision for your business.

    If you have a project in mind, you may consult with our ReactJS experts today!


    Q.1. Should I hire ReactJS developers for fast project development?
    Ans. Hiring ReactJS developers for your app development will bolster the development process on the front-end part unlike Angular or other technologies. ReactJS helps in loading Single Page Applications and carries out fast operations to adjust the real DOM as required.

    Q.2. Is React better than Angular?
    Ans. React is better than Angular because of its virtual DOM implementation and fast rendering. Also, migrating between different React versions is extremely easy. Unlike Angular, you don’t need to install version updates one by one. React offers numerous existing solutions that developers can use. Read our ReactJS digital transformation guide to know in detail.

    Have More Questions? Feel Free to Ask Our ReactJS Experts Today!