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ReactJS Migration Services

The User Interface of your website or mobile application plays a pivotal role in grabbing the attention of prospective customers. It leads to conversion and an increase in sales. If you want to migrate your existing UI technology to something more robust, feature-rich, and fast, then you can avail of ReactJS migration services.

ReactJS is a widely popular open-source front-end development framework for enterprises of all types and sizes. This advanced technology stack allows businesses to build well-designed UI endowed with result-oriented features and attention-grabbing designs. Simply hire ReactJS developers to experience the seamless process of migration from the existing front-end development framework to ReactJS without affecting the functionality and performance.

Here at ReactJS India, we take the lead to successfully migrate your front-end development framework to something more advanced and profitable. We have an extensive team of experts who are fully proficient in carrying out the detailed process of migration while maintaining the speed, efficiency, and security of your web application or website.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source i.e. free to access front-end development framework for a website and app. It contains several libraries and internal components to create an attention-grabbing user interface of the platform. It is maintained by Facebook having all the modern development features and functionalities to make a difference in your website. ReactJS is leading the pack of frontend JavaScript development to bring customized changes to your platform.

Top Benefits of ReactJS Migration

ReactJS is a powerful and feature-rich front-end development language for enterprises to scale up their website for maximum customer interaction. Pull off a successful migration of your existing web application on ReactJS with the help of professional experts and avail of manifold benefits.

  • Redefine and redesign your web application by having a close interaction with UI/UX experts.
  • Time-saving approach of migration by reusing the components from the existing resources.
  • Identify & remove unwanted and unnecessary plugins, features, APIs, and other codes during the migration process.
  • Get real-time insight into the website performance & review during the detailed migration process.
  • Make the best use of simple & cost-effective APIs along with lightweight components to create a robust ReactJS web application.
  • Follow the debugging process to migrate and develop the existing application.

Step-By-Step Process of ReactJS Migration

ReactJS migration process for a web application or mobile app is a cumbersome process diligently handled by our expert professionals. The process contains the step-by-step process of migration from one framework to another that required expert skills and knowledge. Here at ReactJSIndia, our team of developers follows a stringent procedure to carry out the whole process in a streamlined manner.


At the very first, experienced and highly professional ReactJS developers plan out the migration task well in advance. Several components and factors are taken into consideration to offer a speedy migration process without affecting the existing functionalities of your website.

  • Take care of the template issues.
  • Study the security loopholes and find ways to fix them.
  • Taking care of the negative side of migration and other challenges.
  • Removing unnecessary plugins, modules, and categories.
  • Feedback analysis received from customers and stakeholders.


Having proper knowledge of your enterprise-level application is important to include & exclude things before the migration process. We analyze the overall objective of your website application and the goals to achieve. To do this, we take care of the following few considerations:

  • Stop access to unnecessary Ips
  • Separation of DOM transition
  • The search engine does not crawl the application.
  • Complete backup of the data including internal links, URL parameters, and more.


After the success of ReactJS migration, then another step involves is the web app development. We make sure the fact that you save memory with high-performance and implement elements like ReactDOM.hydrate() on the client-side. Other essential points include:

  • Server response testing.
  • Adding canonical tags
  • XML sitemaps.
  • Redirection of all web pages.
  • Clear the duplicate content.

Post Migration Analysis

Any error can affect the performance of your web application and makes an impact on its overall performance. To fix the same, we offer post migration assistance by checking key components like crawl errors, server logs, crawler stats, and stats of both old and new versions.

Why Choose Us as Your ReactJS Migration Partner?

As a leading and top-notch ReactJS migration company, we offer end-to-end migration and development support to a diverse range of clients. Rely on us for the successful migration of existing front-end development technology to robust and feature-rich ReactJS with our dedicated assistance.

  • We provide you reliable resources having deep level expertise in the ReactJS technology stack.
  • We provide you a dedicated Project Manager giving you real-time insights related to your web application migration process.
  • We strictly follow stringent deadlines to make sure enterprises meet professional requirements at large.
  • We have a skilled team of professionals like developers, engineers, designers, and architects working with us.
  • We ensure 100% client satisfaction related to the process of ReactJS migration, development, designing, and maintenance.
  • We maintain an optimum level of transparency with our valuable clients by signing a trusted NDA document.


Frequently Asked Questions

ReactJS framework is not like any other frontend development framework. The objective of this framework is to break the development components into parts to separately work on the UI components to make them better and more enriching.

ReactJS is backed by Facebook and is JavaScript friendly that allows the user of JSX which is a syntax extension. It helps to combine the functionalities of HTML and JavaScript to work on creative individual components of the application.

ReactJS migration strictly depends on the cost, size, nature, and project complexity. The overall process is transparent in front of the clients and details are shared accordingly.

The migration of your web application from the existing framework to ReactJS depends on overall functionality and features. Several factors like the nature of the project, complexity, resources, and others are taken into consideration to decide a particular time limit.

Opt for ReactJS Migration Services to Bring More Interactive and User-Friendly Approach to Web Application?