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Application Modernization Services Using React

Re-Engineering of your Application that brings out the best from your product and to compete with the market standard

Re-modeling and Modernizing Your
Applications With the help of React

Legacy Application modernization has become an important step in current tech scenarios. Maximizing the capabilities of your applications with new tech integrations is the best way to stay competitive and stay ahead of the curve. Modernization of application enhances the user experience, maximizing the engagement capabilities with higher performance. ReactJS India is one such organization that helps you in the Re-Molding of your Application with its exceptional Application Modernization Services.

At ReactJS India, Our Experienced and Highly Skilled Developers offers application alteration using the React platform, allowing them to improve the already build the application into a Cross-Platform, Highly Scalable, Flexible, and Compatible Application that bringing the best out of your product and stands you out in this competitive and ever-evolving Web and Cloud market.

Benefits of App Modernization Services

b2b eCommerce Solutions


Offering the flexibility of running your application across multiple clouds, or edge locations

Booking eCommerce Solutions


Increasing the Agility of application by building enterprise-level application faster, using pre-built templates

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solutions


Enhanced security with the access of new techs like Biometric Authentication or Two-Factor Authentication with ReactJS

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solutions


Intensifying the consistency of all your application Deployment, be it on-cloud, or on-premises with a service-centric environment

Application Modernization Journey



Assessing the already built application, learning its functionalities, processes, codes used



Formulating a prototype to understand the development strategy and the features that need to be added



Development and Re-Molding the Application according to the strategy and after discussing with the client



Code Conversion, Code Remediation, Code Refactoring, and Deployment of the application



Streamlining the transition to Operation and managing the application after deployment to ensure Bug-free and Glitch-Free performance

ReactJS Game Development
Our Application Modernization Services

A comprehensive range of our Legacy Application Migration Solution

  • Legacy Application re-designing / re-transformation / re-engineering
  • Introduce new software delivery models (SaaS, PaaS, Delivery over Cloud)
  • Language Conversion
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Code Re-structuring
  • Technology and UI Upgrade
  • GUI, Porting, and Data Migration
  • Platform Transitions

Why ReactJS India for ‘App Modernization Services’?

NDA Contracts

We follow an Agile Methodology and are aware of our client’s idea privacy, hence the NDA Agreement assuring a safe and protected business

Secure Information Access

Our developers are highly experienced and are able to take responsibility for securely mitigating the information and data of your application


Our team of developers is always available for support and maintenance. We also like to keep our clients in the loop by sharing progress report on a daily or weekly basis

Support and Maintenance

We believe conducting business in good faith and for that, we offer the services of support and maintenance of your application before and even after deployment.

Get in touch for a Flexible, Agile, Scalable, and Sustainable Application Modernization Solution!