5 Best Education Mobile App Based On ReactJS Library

It is the age of Education Mobile App and remote learning or better referred to as online learning. Not just for school and college-going students. But digital learning has extensively grown for corporate learners and other skilled individuals.

Well, thanks to the learning service providers like you that provide easy accessibility towards
learning, development, and skill enhancement. Several educational enterprises have adopted the
new-age method of providing skills and knowledge to learners with the aid of educational apps.

You might be interested in developing an education mobile app and specifically want to create it with the aid of the React JS development company. Well, that’s why you are here while searching for the best educational apps based on the ReactJS front-end development library.

So, we are here to provide you with the required information by referring to the top five ReactJS based educational apps available in India.

List of five e-learning apps on ReactJS library in India

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning apps in India which is responsible for 61%
of the usage factor as per Q3 of 2021. This learning app made its debut on the NASDAQ stock
exchange back then in 2011 and was the only basic service fee language learning platform. Based
on the interactive front-end part based on the ReactJS JavaScript library, the premium service of the app blocks all the ads to ensure hassle-free learning.

One of the key features of the Duolingo language learning app is operating on Augmented Reality
(AR) capabilities. It enables the users to deal with a multi-lingual Chatbot system to answer
generated queries and improve speech recognition capabilities.

Even the frontend of this application that was written in Backbone.js and Mustache was later
migrated to React and Redux. With the use of the JavaScript library, the application captures the
widespread attention of learners in India and finds user-friendly functionalities to interact and

2. Khan Academy

A globally recognized eLearning app, Khan Academy is basically an American non-profit Edtech
platform that was launched way back in 2006. The founder of Khan Academy, Sal Khan produces
organized educational content for students and educators in the form of short videos, full-fledged
video lessons, supplementary materials, and tools to enhance learning. As per the recent estimation, the Khan academy app features a global rank of 948, a country rank of 332, a category rank of 3, and a total number of visits are 41.2 Million respectively.

One of the key reasons for exten]ded popularity and widespread acceptance of the Khan Academy eLearning app is a major upgrade to the React.JS library. The owner and the stakeholders took a strategic decision to move the platform to ReactJS and re-introduced the app in the more efficient way along with eliminating all the errors. Therefore, at present, Khan Academy comes under the top eLearning apps in India and abroad.

3. Skillshare

India has a flourishing edutech sector which is valued at over $15 billion. Looking at the same, New York-based edutech company, Skillshare planning for a venture here. Skillshare is one of the world’s largest online learning communities for creativity shares has raised more than $108 million in different ventures, features 13 million registered users, and over 30,000 video-based classes spanning wide disciplines of creativity.

Skillshare is certainly the on-demand creative learning-based educational platform popular all
across the USA and now stepping its feet in India. Highly engaging, interactive, and user-friendly
frontend based on the ReactJS library is the primary reason for the app’s widespread popularity. It
features smooth interaction of UI elements and an enhanced learning approach among millions of students.

4. Sana Labs

Sana Labs is also a globally recognized eLearning platform for AI learning. Not much time has passed since the launch of this learning that made its presence felt in 2016. But in such a short span of time, the Sana Labs eLearning app has captured a huge market share among enthusiastic learners and stands at the first valuation of $72 to 109 Million.

The AI learning platform is responsive and highly engaging due to having the React.JS library and
the major reason for having vital sales patterns. The company has won the recognition of CogX
award for the Best AI Product in Education and its interactive front-end is a primary reason for its
widespread accessibility.

5. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is another leading elearning app that has its interactive user interface developed using the ReactJS web development expertise. An American education mobile app like Codeacademy shares free coding classes with interested learners in 12 different programming languages. It includes Python, JavaScript, Java, and more. It is more of a web-based app that is specifically developed for the developers to enhance their coding knowledge and expertise.

In the year 2014, Codeacademy fully incorporated into React.JS till date and the company is
appreciating the positive response to the web app. At present, Codeacademy experiences a total
number of visits counting more than 9.2 million along with 74th category rank across the world.

Concluding Thoughts

React.JS is certainly the widely accepted and applied frontend development library for extensively
creating elearning apps. Not just in India, but abroad educational companies also rely on this
JavaScript-based frontend development library to create an intuitive user interface for optimum
traction, conversions, and sales patterns. After knowing all this, you can certainly hire ReactJS developers from a leading company like ReactJS India and meet your business objective with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can ReactJS be used for web app development?
Yes, the ReactJS library can be used for developing an interactive and feature-rich web application
as per your business requirement. For this, you need to hire ReactJS web app developers to discuss your enterprise objective and proceed ahead.

2. How much does it cost to develop an elearning app on ReactJS?
The cost factor varies according to the particular elearning app development requirement of your
enterprise. It depends on the customized design elements, particular UI, and other major factors to determine the exact price.

3. How much time does it take to develop eLearning app on the ReactJS library be developed?
Just like the price factor, the time duration to develop a ReactJS education mobile app depends on your requirement. That’s why our ReactJS developers first understand your needs, gather requirements, and provide an estimated timeline before moving ahead.