Why Combine ReactJS with Rails to Enhance Web Development Services

You must be familiar with ReactJS which is a front-end development framework to create an interactive user interface. But, do you know combining the functionalities of ReactJS web development services with Rails (collection of libraries) can make faster web app development, scalable, & straightforward solutions? In case, you do not have any idea about that, then a blog will be a useful piece of advice to save much on development costs and efforts.


ReactJS is a popular front-end development framework that helps to create engaging and interactive UI. Combining this technology with Ruby on Rails which is an extensive collection of libraries fasten up the web development task.

For those who do not know, Ruby on Rails can be a helping hand for ReactJS technology by offering a wide range of libraries. It ensures the developer’s flexibility to reduce the repetitive tasks of creating tables, menus, or forms by using Ruby.

Not just you only, but pioneer brands like Airbnb, OpenDoor, Gusto, and Casper have already amalgamated ReactJS and Ruby and achieve a global level of success.

In the next sections, you will come to know why to use Ruby with ReactJS and its key benefits related to your organization.

Why Should you Use ReactJS with Rails?

Deciding on the technology stack for your new project is a matter of imperative nature. For that, you already have the ReactJS framework in mind to develop an attention-grabbing user interface.

Also, you have an option to combine the efforts of ReactJS with Ruby on Rails due to the following reasons.

* Meet business requirements of the product in the shortest possible time.
* Meet the product development and complexities.
* Meet the limited budget and timeframe.
* Profitable technicalities of ReactJS and Rails combined together.
* Ensure product scalability and security.

Top Advantages of Clubbing ReactJS with Rails?

At this stage, you might be wondering what are the other reasons to utilize the technology stack of ReactJS and Rails. So, here, we provide you key benefits as to why combine Rails and ReactJS technologies together.

1. Fast Web Development:

The combination eases up the task of developers by finding an extensive set of modules and libraries. It further strengthens the seamless communication with the front-end libraries. Thus, overall, find the reduced cost of development and faster time to market.

2. Reduce the Server Response Time:

Ruby on Rails is responsible for reducing the server response time of the website. It leads to users finding fast downloading of the site without waiting much. Thus, website responses as fast as possible to meet desired requirements of users.

3. Ensure Website Stability:

Both ReactJS and Ruby on Rails are known to offer high-level stability factors to websites. Since both the technologies feature an active community, so your website experiences a robust set of performance while maintaining stability.

4. Less Memory Usage & Optimum Performance:

Deploy your website using the combination of ReactJS and Ruby and occupy less storage space. This combination helps to bring maximum level of performance and improved set of results ahead.

5. Seamless Testing:

React with Rails offer an extensive set of testing libraries for the effective QA of the website. For this, Hire ReactJS developers to perform end-to-end testing in the least possible time to maintain the website’s efficiency.

6. Easy to Maintain:

The standalone features of ReactJS and Ruby on Rails help to maintain the efficiency level of the website to an optimum extent.

What is the Best Time to Use ReactJS with Ruby on Rails

What is the Best Time to Use ReactJS with Ruby on Rails?

Now, you know how ReactJS and Rails together can create a robust, fast, and error-free website. Still, there lies another dilemma as to when to use this result-oriented combination of two front-end development technologies.

To answer the question, here are few instances to go for ReactJS with Ruby on Rails.

* Creating applications with dynamic content.
* Complex Single-page applications.
* Applications that require a larger set of databases.
* Scalable mobile app platforms.
* Applications that require high-performance speed.

Concluding Thoughts

From the above discussion, it is clearly evident that combining ReactJS with Rails will help in faster web app development. You need not find the hassle of facing tedious, time-consuming, out of budget proportion web development. The best recommendation is to get in touch with ReactJS India to discuss and implement your web app development requirements. It is one of the pioneer React.JS development companies turning the vision of enterprises into a profitable reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Difference Between ReactJS and Rails?
ReactJS is a widely popular and accepted client-side front-end development framework that helps to create attractive UI. On the other side, Rails handles the backend operations with its extensive set of libraries and is based on Model-View-Controller architecture.

2. Why Do Prefer ReactJS Framework Over Other JS Frameworks?
ReactJS is a much more flexible, stable, and easy to maintain front-end development framework which is based on JavaScript. Even developers prefer to work on ReactJS due to its widespread libraries, easy to learn and implement functionalities, feature-rich user interface, and other reasons.

3. Why Do Even Developer Prefer React?
There are a few essential reasons that state the fact that web app developers prefer to React over other frameworks. The reasons are less coding requirement, usage of single components, interactive UI, easy rendering performance, and simple to build Native apps.