How to use WordPress React API for Web Application Development ?

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS serving over 35% of the internet websites. Despite the website builder, the most renowned feature of CMS is the ease of content editing. Both technical and non-technical users can simply add and edit content. WordPress helps people to create engaging websites, but it’s a content management system (CMS).

The CMS was launched in 2003 to support blogging. It is based on the PHP programming language with several plugins that users can attach to their website for improved functionality. WordPress has faced many critiques over the years, concerning:

  • Security Threats
  • PHP Usage
  • Speed

Over the years, content management systems have emerged that seek to challenge the relevance of WordPress. Despite new releases, WordPress is a strong contender whenever someone is looking to build a website. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the combination of WordPress with React API.

  • ReactJS for building user-interfaces
  • GatsbyJS for fast-loading HTML
  • GraqhQL for querying data within Gatsby

This approach helps in the React Native Mobile App Development to address all three of the above discussed criticisms with new technology.

ReactJS is a Javascript framework used to build user-interfaces. Stack Overflow, a highly popular forum used for sharing views on programming questions. They surveyed more than 60,000 developers. ReactJS has the ability to build a seemingly fast user experience by combining features including components, props, state, JSX, and a virtual document object model (DOM).


Gatsby is a React-based open source framework used to create websites and applications. Build anything with the use of over 2000 plugins having best performance, scalability, and security by default. It is a static website generator compiling React code and data into static assets. These assets help to build web application and are distributed globally.

Gatsby like WordPress, has a plugin allowing users to integrate multiple data sources into their websites. It’s become part of the JAMstack, short for a technology stack using Javascript, APIs, and Markdown. But that’s not the only method way that it can be tooled.

Plugins, for Gatsby, allow users get information from websites like Shopify, Stripe, and WordPress. This means ReactJs Web Application Development can break away from structures and build custom mobile apps. Users query data from sources using GraphQL.

Configure Gatsby Plugin

Simply download the WordPress plugin for Gatsby. Verify that you are still in the root project folder for the Gatsby website.

npm install gatsby-source-wordpress-experimental

Open up your IDE or text editor in the main wordpress-react folder.


GraphQL allows developers grab exactly the information they require from a single API endpoint with using a query string. In a REST API, user’s name is fetched and to get the name, you have to fetch all users’ information. As a result, you have to add more code to your program to manage the payload to only get the name property. With GraphQL, it is easy to query for the name property and pinpoint your API calls.

We can simply combine two WordPress plugins with one Gatsby plugin for a GraqhQL API with the WordPress site. Thus, it is easy to query data from that website and put it into our ReactJS app. In this way, non-technical users can still use the CMS that they love, and developers can take control by using a modern web framework like React!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Reactjs used to build an application?

JavaScript Friendly and Facebook allow the use of JSX, a syntax extension. It allows you to combine the functionalities of JavaScript and HTML. As a developer, you can now focus on creating individual components and then combine them. This allows for the easy development of high-volume applications.

2. Why is ReactJS so popular?

The core objective of ReactJS is to provide the best possible rendering performance. Its strength comes from the focus on individual components. Instead of working on the entire web app, ReactJS allows a developer to break down the complex UI into simpler components.

3. Is ReactJs better than Angularjs?

Prompt rendering is among the best features of React that gives a significant edge over Angular. The core difference between Reactjs and Angularjs is that React is JS-centric, while Angular 2 remains HTML-centric. JavaScript is far more robust, than HTML that makes ReactJs far more simple, focused and consistent.

4. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the idea?

Yes, we sign a strict NDA to protect your application idea & data. Hence, we ensure complete security and privacy of your application development project.

Wrapping Up:

In several ways, React.js combined with WordPress has transformed the developer’s approach to build both mobile and web applications. It has shown amazing growth in terms of being the most popular choice for different developers. In fact, brands Hire ReactJs Development Company seeing its popularity and it will stay for a longer duration.

We, at ReactJs India, are skilled to work with this framework when it comes to developing client applications. We offer unique solutions to assist clients with their business. If you are still not sure about the framework, get in touch with us and we will help you assist with the best approach.

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