Ionic vs React Native: Which is the Best Cross-platform Framework?

Searching for a rapid and inexpensive cross-platform framework to develop a mobile app? Then, you can use Ionic or React Native through which you can build any iOS or Android app. It will even be cost-effective and will save a lot of time. It is the developers who need to decide and analyze which framework will serve their needs. Therefore, let’s compare Ionic vs React Native and review which technology will be more productive to use and why.

Overview of React Native and Ionic

To compare the features of both the cross frameworks, we need to first know what they are and how they can be useful for the developers.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework that commenced in 2015. This was the idea of Facebook to utilize JavaScript and React Native framework that would develop both Android and iOS UI. React Native can be used to develop a variety of cross-platform apps such as 

  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Uber
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Airbnb
  • WIX
  • What is Ionic?

    Ionic is an open-source framework that is an amalgamation of both UI and Native API frameworks. The developers can use both these things and create applications for IOS, Android, Electron, and much more.

    The ionic first version came in the year 2013 and the current version 6.0.0 commenced in the year 2021. Let’s check out some of the powerful apps that are developed from Ionic:

  • Market Watch
  • Target
  • H&R Block
  • Southwest
  • Electronic Arts
  • Pacifica
  • Comparing Ionic and React Native

    Functionality: The functionality of React Native is based on an approach named as dynamic runtime approach. The apps are written in JavaScript. However, the functionality of Ionic is based on the WebView wrapper. Ionic works on Cordova based on the web view component which is different for IOS and Android. 

    Apps Built: Using React Native there are nearly 32K apps whereas 26K apps are developed on Ionic. React Native Development services has occupied 14.51% of the tech market. According to Statista, React Native has occupied the second most popular cross-platform mobile framework, and Ionic ranks on 4th number. If we compare on a percentage basis then React Native occupies 38% and Ionic occupies 16% of the market share.     

    Learning: in terms of learning, React Native is difficult to learn whereas Ionic is much easier to learn.

    Performance: In terms of performance there are various parameters on which both cross-platform frameworks are analyzed. 

  • For web development, Ionic is more suitable. However, React Native can also give better results.
  • Ionic is suitable for prospects. This is because; it works well with React libraries and also uses React DOM.
  • Key Take Away

    After analyzing all the above comparisons, you may decide which cross-platform framework will be suitable for your web development and apps. 

    React Native

  • You can choose React Native if your team is an expert in React Native and your website is built on React Native.
  • You have time to invest and have time to learn the framework
  • As the development expenses are huge, your company must hire React Native developers to bear them.
  • Ionic

  • This is suitable for building apps that are good for future development
  • You want to have a great experience with web development and mobile.
  • You want to build apps for start-ups.
  • FAQ’s

    Which is better: Ionic vs React Native?

    Ionic seems to be an inexpensive option when compared to React Native. For startups and future perspectives, Ionic is far better as compared to React Native. However, React Native has some powerful features as well. 

    Is Ionic good to be used in 2021?

    React Native and Ionic are two of the most powerful cross-platform frameworks that have occupied the market. There are different opinions of developers from different organizations.

    Does React Native work with Ionic?

    Ionic is considered to be a native React version of the Ionic framework. It is an open-source framework and various apps are running on this platform.