How React Native Can Decrease the Mobile App Development Cost?

Android and iOS are the two important key players in the world of mobile app development. Both platforms have different requirements and apps. So, every app needs to be managed inversely by mobile app developers. The development cost for both environments is high. Also, they all have high maintenance charges because of their diverse requirements. But with the advancement in technology, developers no longer need to build applications separately for both platforms. Moreover, they can get all the benefits of WORA which stand for Write Once Run Everywhere.

The cross-platform app development tools utilized by app development companies were hybrid. They required web views to render applications built using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and so on. Thus, these hybrid applications were fast and had a lower development cost. Unlike React Native, it can address all the concerns and queries in one round of coding. Because it has a dynamic code update. React Native enables app developers can reuse the code all over the web and mobile. So, you don’t need to create separate apps for Android and iOS platforms. By this, app development companies now saving a huge time and effort for every project.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework that was built by Facebook. The fundamental purpose of developing React Native was to enhance the end-user experience by developing cross-platform applications.

React Native app developers can use the diverse feature of this JavaScript-based mobile app framework to create an application for various platforms. Isn’t amazing? Apart from this, React Native does not consume much time as the mobile apps build on other frameworks used to consume.

All the features of React Native have made it the most popular cross-stage app development framework. Are you ready to build your mobile app using React Native? If yes, then let’s tell you about the pros of this framework, market statistics, and how React Native is booming.

How React Native Framework will benefit the mobile app development?

The mobile app development industry is the talk of the town in the current scenario. You must be wondering that the entire process of building an app can consume a lot of time and maybe quite complex. But there is a one-stop solution to all your queries. React Native will design your mobile app in such a way that it will make your app time-saving instead of time-consuming.

One of the power-packed features of React Native is code re-usability which is a boon for the React Native app developers.

  • Saves time and effort
  • Same UI/UX design for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Learning benefits
  • Adaptable
  • Rapid Reloading
  • Easy portability
  • Low Cost
  • You will be surprised to know that in the year 2021, React Native has captured the hybrid app development. 42% market has been using this super packed framework for their hybrid app development. The researchers are predicting that in the coming years, it is going to rise and in not only app development but also the world of web development as well.

    How React Native Can Decrease the Mobile App Development Cost?

    If you are thinking to hire React Native developer in India, it can cost you around 25 USD to 80 USD/hour. The cost is slightly low when compared to hiring ReactJS development companies in the USA or Europe. In the United States or Europe, it can cost you around 100 USD to 250 USD/hour.

    Factors Affecting the Mobile App Development Cost

    There is no doubt that React Native is one of the cost-efficient app development platforms. Let’s have a glance at what factors can increase or decrease the app development cost:

    Scope and Effort

    The cost will be estimated to a great extent by the scope, complexity needed for app development, and effort involved. The more effort and higher the scope of application, the more it may cost.

    Type of Application

    App complexity includes the app development cost and incorporates numerous features i.e. third-party integration, architecture, model admin panel, hardware devices, in-app purchases, etc.

    App Category

    A mobile application category is a crucial factor in estimating the app development cost using React. It is because of some parameters i.e. features, functionalities, number of users, security, and so on.

    Development Profile

    If you need a more skilled and experienced React developer, it will cost you high. If the cost of a developer is a big concern, then you can include fewer experience developers. Also, you can reach out to the big community of React Native for support.

    Application Platform

    The number of operating system versions and application platforms for your app will decide the cost to create an app using React Native. Hiring ReactJS mobile app developers will cost you less amount.

    Reasons Why React Native App Development Costs, Less

    Take Less Development Time

    React Native helps app developers to move the whole code between numerous platforms. It means, that after building a mobile app for Android, a developer can collect it onto iOS in a mirror frame. According to research, React Native mobile app development needs 33% less time than it takes to build Android and iOS apps alternatively.

    Simple to Maintain

    Mobile applications built using React are simpler to maintain and need low investment. Although, native applications require regular troubleshooting, updating, and patching for which the support is complex and time taking. Cross-platform applications also can do without versioning, hence making maintenance easier.

    Reusable Elements

    Using React, app developers can make reusable native elements. It can be used to compile directly to native applications. Because Android and iOS components have a React Native complement. Also, it is easier cheaper, and faster to create a wide range of applications.

    Robust Integration

    Cross-platform mobile apps developed using React can easily integrate with other compatible applications. It can minimize the additional effort needed by the app developers to integrate applications without affecting their performance.

    No Extra Resources

    React Native-based cross-platform applications only need a single coding. It can be customized to run on multiple platforms. This implies that ReactJS web development services don’t need to maintain many teams with multiple skills. This eventually brings down the mobile app development cost.

    Faster App Development

    React Native severely decreases the required time to get applications ready from code to market. Its native method of development is projected to save 33% cost of mobile app development. Because the roll-out of mobile applications is faster and needs fever application developers.

    The Final Thought

    If you are looking to hire React to native developers, you can join hands with us to get great quality services at a reasonable cost. You can depend on our services for a wide range of platforms that will suit your needs. We can provide you with a scalable, robust, and high-end application for your business. So, if you are looking for the best ReactJS web development companies, let’s discuss your requirements with us right now.


    What is a Cross-Platform App Development?

    Cross-platform app development is the process of building mobile applications for numerous platforms utilizing a single codebase.

    Why React Native is Better Than Others?

    React Native enables code reusability. After the efficient development of the mobile application, developers can reuse that code to create an application on other platforms. So, by utilizing React Native you can build cost-efficiently smart applications.

    Why Choose React Native for Cross-Platform App Development?

    React Native is the most prominent open-source framework that enables developers to write a single code with the help of JavaScript. It comes with included elements for both Android and iOS, it leads to smaller groups, moderate cost, and easy management of projects.

    How does React Native Reduce App Development Cost?

    React Native manages numerous platforms effortlessly. Some React Native API is cross-platform so you have to write one component and it will execute well on both iOS and Android platforms.