Everything You Need to Know About Hiring React Native Developers

Downloading an app is getting more and more popular with more than 218 billion mobile apps worldwide. The demand for mobile applications is growing at a fleeting rate, and it is never a bad idea to use this technology to uplift your business. To develop a mobile app or business website, you will need to hire React Native Developers from a well-renowned company.

Do you have a website or mobile app to build? Are you unsure whether it can help gain profitable business? Are you confused about where to hire professional and skilled react native developers for your business? Well, we have addressed all these concerns in this blog.

With no further ado, let’s dig in.

Why is React Native so popular?

Every business aims to speed-up application development. React Native developers can leverage their expectations via JavaScript. Some of the amazing features of React framework includes:

  • Good UI routes
  • Greater UX with UI gathering
  • Build better and more effective applications
  • Launch applications quicker and update them very quickly
  • Eliminate the need for multiple native developers
  • Developers speed up the application development lifecycle
  • What are the features of React Native?

    The most excellent features of React Native that make it so popular among the developers include:

    Fast application development

    With React Native, building any mobile application minimizes the development hours. Also, there is no need for two teams (one for iOS and another for Android app development). Developers can make one team and develop one application that can run on both iOS and Android.

    Simple Coding

    React Native operates on JavaScript, which is the most famous coding language. Also, it eases the process of finding the right React Native application developer in town.

    Code push for updates

    Every application requires regular updates to enhance its performance and fix bugs if any. React Native uses a feature called Code Push to assist the developers in pushing updates with prompt impact. The applications based on React Native won’t pressurize you to refresh the app. Also, the updates get introduced via the cloud, which means you need not dispatch the application again and again.

    Outside Modules Library

    React Native framework upholds numerous outside modules. It contains a library that offers different modules to get consolidated into your application without any challenge. It saves the developer time and improves their course of development.

    Enhanced performance

    Previously, developers accepted that mobile applications work best when they are created in their native structures. This ideology succeeded when there was no distinction between the UI of any two kinds of applications. However, React Native applications outperformed the performance and showcased more skillful utilization of memory.

    Concurrent tasking

    Developers can perform multiple tasks with React Native framework. It implies that you can foster UI codes while testing them simultaneously.

    What are the must-have skills in a React Native developer?

    CTOs and CEOs must be fully aware of the skillset of the developers if they are planning to hire React Native developers. Here are the skills you must look upon in a professional developer:

  • Knowledge of JavaScript: Well-versed knowledge of JavaScript is paramount for a React Native developer. The candidate must understand to build application logic, services, and build components. Additionally, they must understand the flow of the app development process, and for this, JavaScript learning is a must-have skill.
  • Android and iOS development: React Native is used for cross-platform development, which a developer must be aware of. Also, they must understand the difference between iOS and Android development, Objective C, and Swift.
  • Basic React Assumptions: The selected developer must understand important concepts like JSX, DOM, and component lifecycle. Also, check their knowledge to ensure a smooth app development workflow.
  • Writing Clear Codes: Although we cannot emphasize the importance of writing clear codes for React Native development. But the written codes should be readable, consistent, and well-documented for future references. Also, writing clear codes will aid in the future when the apps require any improvements or updates.
  • Soft skills: The arena of soft skills comprises of interpersonal attributes of the developer. It includes aspects like problem-solving abilities, communication skills, leadership qualities, decision-making strengths, and more. Also, the React Native development project will be a team of professionals working on a project. Therefore, the hired React Native developer should be a team player, curious for learning, and open to fair criticism.
  • How to hire React Native Developers?

    There are three major ways to hire React Native Developers, which include:

  • Hire a freelance React Native developer
  • Hire an in-house team
  • Hire outsourcing React-Native development company
  • Out of all the three methods, outsourcing your project to a well-renowned React Native development company is the most competent and popular way. Hiring freelancers might look like a cheaper option, but there is no guarantee of quality work or commitment. On the other hand, hiring an in-house team is a costly option, and you may have to bear their infra cost even after completing the project.

    Therefore, the majority of the business industries outsource their projects to a well-renowned React Native app development company.


    Lastly, IT business owners should first do their homework on project requirements, expectations, and demands before hiring a React Native developer team. Understanding what you need will help you to make better business decisions and choose companies that are professional, affordable, and reliable.

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    What are the skills demanded out of a React Native developer?

  • Significant learning of tools like Flux, Flow, and Redux
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, functional programming, and front-end languages
  • Strong knowledge of data structure libraries
  • Is ReactJS similar to React Native?
    React-native builds mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. It then gets compiled and put in the app stores for users to install. On the other hand, ReactJS helps build web pages for use in a web browser.

    Is React Native cross-platform?
    React Native is an open-source framework, launched by Facebook and built on the popular JavaScript framework. It helps allow developers to create cross-platform iOS and Android applications using JavaScript. It differs from other cross-platform frameworks that use JavaScript including PhoneGap, Titanium, and more.