Why More Businesses Are Opting for ReactJS Web Development services

Choosing the right front-end development framework these days is a great task. Today, web development has been completely transformed with the emergence of cutting-edge technologies in the market. ReactJS is one such technology that is being leveraged by many frontend developers and companies. But what makes ReactJS web development services so popular amongst businesses and developers? Why should you use the ReactJS framework and where can you use it? We’ll discuss everything related to ReactJS development further.

As a leading React JS website development company in India, we have been using the ReactJS front-end library for building a wide range of complex and robust websites and applications. We have successfully delivered hundreds of web applications, mostly built on ReactJS.

Here in this blog, we have discussed how ReactJS has transformed every single aspect of web development. We will help you understand the advantages of investing in ReactJS web development services and where you can use the technology in your next web application project.

How Has ReactJS Transformed Web Development?

Pre-ReactJS Web Development Era

Earlier, web development was all about scripting and rendering. Technologies like HTML, CSS dominated the frontend development while PHP ruled the backend development. Developers only had to put static HTML pages in specific folders and render them using PHP. Even though that was not a good technique to build websites, it was easy to establish a two-way connection between the client and server thanks to Server-Side Rendering (SSR).

The launch of ReactJS in 2015 has completely revolutionized the web app development area. With the advancements in the JavaScript framework, developers were able to write web apps with client-side JavaScript. This led to the development of Single-Page Applications (SPA) using JS. Amongst several JavaScript frameworks that allowed developers to write client-side JavaScript, AngularJS was one technology that facilitated this method.

Developers were now able to now retrieve data using JavaScript, add certain attributes to the markup, and a dynamic website is ready without messing up with PHP and servers. However, DOM manipulations were not so fast even though this approach was so popular.

The Inception of ReactJS Technology

Introduced in 2015, ReactJS technology enabled developers to develop dynamic and engaging web applications with lightning-fast speed. ReactJS brought an excellent feature Virtual DOM that facilitates updating components whenever a user interacts with them without changing other parts of the user interface.

With ReactJS development, our developers are now able to create web pages that render server-side, take lesser development time, and navigate easily.

Key Advantages of Using ReactJS Web Development Services

As a renowned ReactJS website development company, we have been catering to our global clients from various industry verticals with superior quality ReactJS web development services. We believe that ReactJS is an ideal fit for developing a wide range of applications because of its advantages. Let us now understand the advantages of React and why should you hire ReactJS developers for your web application projects.

  1. Easy to Learn and Use

Developers who are familiar with JavaScript can easily learn and implement ReactJS. Unlike other JS frameworks like Angular, ReactJS has a smoother learning curve. So, even if you don’t know JavaScript, you can choose React to get started.

  1. Reusable Components

ReactJS enables developers to reuse components that are independent of each other. Each component in React has its own purpose and logic. These components can be reused wherever necessary in the project which ensures faster app development, updating, debugging, and testing.

  1. Good Abstraction Layer

React provides a good abstraction layer. It means that the end-user cannot access the complex internal functionalities. The developers just need to know some basics and they would be able to work without digging deeper into the internal functionalities. Also, the framework is flexible in nature as it does not dictate a particular architectural pattern such as MVP, MVC, or MVMM. ReactJS gives the freedom to design an application’s architecture just the way you want.

  1. Excellent Pool of Developer Tools

ReactJS offers a variety of developer tools for developers to use. It consists of ready-to-use and customizable charts, documentation tools, graphics, and other useful components that help developers to build dynamic and engaging web applications in lesser time without reinventing the wheel.

Different Use Cases of ReactJS

Originally, Facebook developed ReactJS for its own use case until it was made an open-source platform. Today, other than Facebook, many other companies with diverse business portfolios are using ReactJS for their web app projects.

Here are some of the project examples where you can use ReactJS.

  1. Social Networking Apps

You can even hire ReactJS developers for building highly-interactive social networking applications.

How React Helps in Building Social Networking Sites

  • The Benefit of SPA

While a dynamic social networking site will load a new page with every user request, only specific parts of a SPA will change when a user interacts with your app without reloading the entire web page. This reduces the number of additional client-to-server requests and improves the app’s performance.

  • React Allows for Social Sharing and SEO with SSR

The basic Single-Page App is rendered on the client-side. Hence the built-in .js file is first downloaded to the browser before the whole page refreshes. After that, the web content is rendered by client-side JS. When a social media bot requires the same web page to give a preview, it rejects the JS code and generates a plain page preview.

React allows you to use server-side-rendering. With React SSR, the information gets rendered from the webpage on the server, and not on the browser through JavaScript. Since the first render is done from the server, the other related pages load directly from the client. In addition to social sharing, React SSR also helps in Search Engine Optimization. According to the recent Google algorithm update, GoogleBot can now index client-side rendered web pages using JavaScript. However, this method is not perfect and reliable. Opting for SSR with React is still a far better option in terms of SEO.

  • A React and Websockets Combo Ensures Easier Real-time Data Processing for Social Networks

A social media app requires real-time notifications that keep users engaged. This is when you can use Socket.io with React. With the help of Socket.io, a client and server can communicate in real-time. In other words, once connected, the two-way communication between client and server is established without refreshing the entire web page every time. Thus, the server will receive real-time data from the client over the same connection. Moreover, a part of this connection also handles additional functionalities like storing data for each client, broadcasting to multiple sockets, and asynchronous I/O.

  1. Dashboards or Data Visualization Tools

ReactJS is an ideal technology for building dashboards or data visualization tools. Although there are some pre-built React dashboards templates available on the web, we advise you to go with a development tool like Airframe React or Ant.design to build a fully-fledged dashboard.

How React Helps in Building Dashboards

  • Component Reusability

ReactJS allows you to build independent, reusable components that make your code more modular and organized. So, if you create well-thought components of a dashboard right from the beginning, they can be reused wherever possible without requiring any additional setup.

  • Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM ensures that the user interface gets updated quickly and efficiently as a dashboard requires continuous component updates to track data in real-time. You only need to supply the stream of data through API and React will figure out the best-suited way to update the UI. React is an ideal solution for developing complex dashboards that require heavy data lifting.

  • React’s Isomorphic JavaScript Ensures Fast Web Page Rendering

A dashboard is generally developed as a client-side Single-Page Application. React’s isomorphic JavaScript allows you to use the same code for the server as well as the client-side of the dashboard application. Hence, when a web page is loaded, React can render the components and display the content on the screen. So, ReactJS ensures faster loading speed of your web apps and the development process, saving you a lot of time and cost.

  1. E-commerce and Retail Stores

You may also opt for ReactJS web development services for building fully-functional eCommerce stores. React allows developers to build reusable components with certain principles such as Atomic design.

Every component of an eCommerce store built on ReactJS should be independent of each other. So, if there’s an issue in your store, it can be easily fixed while other features are working optimally.

Why More Businesses Are Opting for ReactJS Web Development Services?

How React Helps in Building E-commerce Stores

  • Component Reusability and Easy Maintenance

By using ReactJS in an eCommerce website, the developers can enjoy the benefit of component reusability. Thus, if a component is once built by the developer, it can be reused wherever required without rewriting the code. This saves you big on costs and time as it leads to faster development, eliminates code duplicity across development teams, and ensures easy code maintenance.

  • Better State Management

Your eCommerce application has to deal with a wide range of things such as keeping a record of items in stock or items added by the user to his wishlist. Such actions that require instant response or change in the state of the component will require some kind of state. Investing in ReactJS UI development services helps you manage state and render results depending on what the state is. ReactJS ensures better State Management which further leads to enhanced performance, reduced memory consumption, and improved efficiency. You can use React components and Redux, a library for State Management to build a scalable eCommerce app.

  1. Single-Page Applications for Various Industries

ReactJS helps in building a Single-Page Application that caters to any industry vertical. When a user navigates through a SPA, he interacts with the same page without interacting with a new page. The web pages load inline within the same page. Trello is an excellent example of such applications. This type of site navigation is implemented by the routing technique. React offers a React-router library that provides routing capabilities in Single-Page Apps.

So, you can hire ReactJS developers to build fast-loading and highly interactive SPAs.

  1. Cross-platform Mobile Apps Using React Native

Another advantage of using ReactJS in your project is that you can also build cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android using React Native. Let’s say, for example, you have built a React-based website and later if you want to build a mobile app to support your website, you can build it using React Native. Your developer can use the same architecture and methodology that you’ve used to develop your website to build your mobile apps.

Some Other Places Where You Can Use ReactJS

In addition to the above-mentioned use cases, here are some more examples where you can use ReactJS.

  • Business websites
  • Portfolios
  • Blogs
  • Community and Forums
  • Review and rating websites
  • Membership sites
  • eLearning modules
  • Galleries
  • Personal websites
  • Job portals
  • Business directories
  • Q&A websites like Quora
  • Charity and Non-profit websites
  • Knowledge base websites like Wikipedia
  • Auction and coupon sites
  • Media and Entertainment sites like YouTube

Wrapping Up

ReactJS is an ideal solution for projects that require component reusability, excellent user interactions, or fabulous animations. It is a powerful UI library to develop projects that cater to small, medium, and large-scale organizations. That’s why top enterprises invest in ReactJS UI development services for achieving their long-term business goals. We hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of ReactJS and where you can use it in your project.

Hire ReactJS Developers from us today to build highly interactive, fast loading, and robust web applications.


Q.1. What is React and how it works?

Ans. React is a component-based, open-source UI library. ReactJS is basically ‘V’ in MVC architecture, which means, it is responsible for the view layer of the application.

To ensure that things are done faster, ReactJS implements a virtual DOM, a tree representation in JavaScript. React maintains a tree that can do different computations on the nodes efficiently. You can also re-construct Dom in JS and implement those changes to the Real DOM.

Q.2. Is ReactJS a framework or library?

Ans. React is a front-end library because it does not solve any architectural or structural problems on the application level. It just provides a set of methods to efficiently handle the front-end.

Q.3. I have a team of JavaScript developers? Do I need to hire ReactJS developers separately for my project?

Ans. If you’re already having a team of JavaScript developers, you can get started with ReactJS web development. ReactJS is basically a JavaScript, so it’s not necessary that you need to hire ReactJS developers separately if you have a team of JS developers. Your JavaScript developers can easily learn and use ReactJS as it has a flattened learning curve.

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