Why it’s a Good Idea to Build Ecommerce Apps Using ReactJs?

In 2021, the total revenue generated by online shopping markets was around $3 trillion. E-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba are at the top of the charts. This massive popularity has opened a new window for small enterprises to run their own e-commerce stores. In this blog, we will find-out how to build an Ecommerce apps using ReactJS for the frontend website application.


One of the most common questions asked by our developers is, “why to use ReactJS for eCommerce stores?” Reports claim that approximately 11 million online stores are available worldwide. If you choose the right ReactJS app development company, your organization can generate revenue in various ways.

ReactJS, created by Facebook, is the most popular UI library that aids in the development of attractive online apps with less effort and coding knowledge. React is a famous framework and very useful for eCommerce online app development services. Its features like atomic design principles, component-driven approach, and fast performance are exceptional to miss.

What is the significance of eCommerce website application?

In simple words, it is a website that sells a wide range of products and services. A user can browse through the website and purchase a product by filling out an online form and paying for it online too. An eCommerce website application works on the principle of a web page, where there is a “root” component responsible for rendering the HTML content and services.

A component refers to a specific domain, for instance, the product component help renders the HTML. Also, the components are responsible for assigning the HTML into the DOM and providing interactivity to the users.

An eCommerce website application consists of various components, which are defined with numerous attributes. For example, a Shopping Cart Component is responsible for showing the user list of products available in a specified category.

There is also a Search Component, which displays a list of search results with the product name mentioned their prices and discount offers. There are other components as well, like a Product Listing, Payment Processing Component, Shipping, and Receiving Components responsible for showing relevant information and enhancing the user’s experience.

The decision of choosing an eCommerce website application framework should not be an influenced one. Hire ReactJS developers who can choose React for its lightweight, fast, and relatively easy-to-use features. ReactJS offers a great framework that helps manage components and provides data-binding, DOM manipulation, and rendering capabilities.

Since React has proven to be a great framework for building an eCommerce website application, developers see an amazing future for this framework in the eCommerce world.
eCommerce website development

What is the significance of ReactJS for eCommerce website development?

ReactJS is an extremely powerful and easy-to-learn library, which is also quick and allows developers to accomplish real-world applications with fewer coding efforts. The interface of the application appears smooth, and attractive, and offers a great user experience.

To create an amazing eCommerce apps using reactjs is a basic technology that allows users to create a component-based UI. Each UI is independent and can get updated without coding. These UI components can get stored in a configurable state and passed to the views as props. Therefore, developers need not write any code to control the data flow from the UI to the view.

What makes ReactJS an ideal choice for eCommerce website applications?

React components are the building blocks for UI development. It helps define the look and feel of an application. React components get developed via functional components, and change according to the alternative style to its parent element.

The major difference in ReactJS is its render function. When you type a value in a text box, the screen contents also get rendered into a component with the help of JSX or template language. It is similar to the JavaScript syntax. Since React can easily understand the syntax, when you hire ReactJS developers, they can configure it to provide desired features to the components. This part is highly crucial because it helps in speeding up the development time for app development for mobile and different platforms.

A component is the core component of an application that consists of data and styling components. The data and styling components share a unique render function called the parent component. On the other hand, a single data and style component can get accessed by the child component. Each instantiates child components and can get used to extending the functionality of a component.


ECommerce is an overwhelming business that requires dynamic content to scale up the store’s consumers. With React and Next.js, we can develop a static app that survives large influxes of traffic when the product goes viral. Everything gets done to provide an interactive experience for people buying the products.

At ReactJS India, being the best ReactJS app development company, we build eCommerce apps that offer ReactJS migration services, and help assist businesses to create mobile app that serves the right purposes. Opt for a reliable and quick methodology in eCommerce app development.

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How to create a React eCommerce web app?
Head to the project root, and start the “Create React App” dev server using npm start. Once it gets booted, your default browser must open, and you can see the skeleton of your application. Make sure to click around and check all the navigation works efficiently.

Is ReactJS an ideal choice for eCommerce?
Both business and IT teams can leverage the benefits of using a React.js framework to build their eCommerce website’s storefront. This component-based approach offers developers the ability to re-use code snippets across eCommerce apps and multiple web applications.

How to create a website using React?
A React application is made of multiple components, responsible for rendering a small, reusable piece of HTML. To ensure you build a visually-appealing, functional, and engaging website, connect with an expert ReactJS developer or visit the best ReactJS app development company in the town that can assist you with the right proceedings.