Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

We can all agree on one thing that applications have taken over our lives. As per Statista, so far, over 218 billion apps have been downloaded in 2020. It comes as no surprise that the app enterprise is prospering, and lots are speculating that it’s going to maintain reaping high profit in the future as well!

As increasingly more humans undertake smartphones and hence apps, the ReactJS website development has emerged as quite a money making opportunity for new enterprise owners. Many desire to make it massive in the area via developing the excellent app out of the lot.

The demand of react native application development company is getting from the builders is not just the doing of the truth that the enterprise has grown to a volume in which it’s miles now evaluating native and React native modes of improvement. The demand is also pushed via the steady updates that make the framework superior.

This demand, though, can most effectively move up to now. In the end, on a floor level, builders will have to analyze their way around the improvement manner. Especially on the front, understanding and fending off React native app development mistakes which can damage the customer’s experience and their abilities.

So let’s check out these common mistakes that a developer needs to avoid while working with React Native Mobile Application Development.

Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

Incorrect estimation

  • Layout for iOS and Android model – sure there might be some reusable components, but there can also be exclusive layouts. In reality, the mere shape of a software web page may be distinctive on iOS and Android completely.
  • Bureaucracy – you need to estimate the validation format as properly. whilst you create an app in React native, you are imagined to write more codes as compared to whilst you create a Hybrid app on Cordova.

  • If developing a web app – You need to check all the extraordinary endpoints which can be presented via the backend. And because you will take care of the good judgment in the app, it needs to all be coded successfully. You must recognize the database shape, how the entities are linked, etc.

Incorrect redux store planning

Redux enables storing the statistics efficiently and dealing with debugging app states. While planned proper, it can be a powerful device for handling the app information.

Another point to note in the case of Redux app development is that it isn’t extraordinarily suited for small projects. Even small changes will ask you to write long lines of code. So, it’ll be better in case you select to go together with it for massive-scale programs and avoid it whilst selecting React native for startups.

Not analyzing external modules’ codes

It is not uncommon for us developers to shop time via outside modules. It makes things less difficult and faster, mainly for the reason that they arrive with documentation.

However, most usually than not, modules break or they may not work as anticipated. That is the purpose why React Native Application Development Company ought to study the code and deal with the step as one of the React native exceptional practices. Doing it facilitates realizing what is wrong with the module or even how it could be solved.

Mutation of kingdom interior render feature

The picture above highlights how the Datastore and to look at are interconnected. The data store consists of all your statistics in aspect and the view is rendered on the basis of the kingdom. It then consumes a new kingdom from the statistics store and indicates it on the display screen.

As a way to reap that, React has a setState() characteristic in which the new item country is taken and as compared to the preceding kingdom.

In the end, a new kingdom is brought after the merger with the preceding kingdom and sent to the nation’s datastore.

This cycle is to be had all in the course of the lifetime of a thing when you went on with ReactJS plugin development Company.

Now, if you mutate the kingdom at once, the lifecycle gets tousled and it corrupts all the previous states. This ends in-app behaving abnormally or maybe crashing. This can also bring about you losing music of the states across components and will cause you to write custom code in the area of React. Moreover, you’ll emerge as having an unmanageable code and a heavy app.

Wrapping Up

There are numerous different errors a developer could make for the duration of React native app improvement. But, these six are the maximum common ones that you need to keep away from in any respect fees. Don’t forget, app development is a complex and technical manner.

Errors will be made alongside the manner. All you need to aim for is making as few mistakes as feasible.

Create the high-quality ReactJS website development you possibly can. Launch it for the sector to use. In case you integrate a properly-constructed app with a properly-placed one inside the enterprise, you’re sure to attain an excessive wide variety of downloads or even better utilization!


Q1. Why React Native is better than others?

Ans. React native permits the reusability of code. After the hit development of one mobile app, builders can reuse that code to develop an app on other cellular structures. So, with the usage of React native, you could develop cost-effective, cross-platform apps.

Q2. Why choose React native for pass-platform app development?

Ans. React native is one of the most popular open-supply frameworks that permit developers to write a single code with JavaScript, such as additives for both iOS and Android, it results in smaller groups, low value, and easy project control. Thus, the go-platform apps advanced the usage of React native is as excellent as native apps.