Know Why ReactJS Is the Most Powerful UI Library

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library, launched by Facebook. The main goal of ReactJS is to offer exceptional rendering performance of every website developed on this framework. To achieve it, the individual elements of ReactJS help provide the strength to process the workflow. With this JavaScript framework, developers can segregate the intricate UI into various user-friendly components rather than simply focusing on the website application. To simplify this here we are discussing ‘Know Why ReactJS Is the Most Powerful UI Library”.

When compared to the other technologies, ReactJS allow users to reuse the codes and quickly finish the project for both Android and iOS platforms. With these features, ReactJS becomes the most popular framework with more than 1,300 developers and 94,000 websites making ReactJS UI development services the future of web development.

What is React JavaScript?

ReactJS was developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, and Facebook launched it in the year 2011. Later in 2012, this framework goy deployed on Instagram and gained popularity in no time,

At first, it was referred to as React – an open-source library that helps build engaging, user-friendly, and highly-functional website applications. The best thing about this JavaScript framework is that people with minimal coding skills can also design a website for themselves in no time. Additionally, when you hire ReactJS developers, they will manage the view layer for both website and mobile applications. With React programming, developers can build feature-rich website apps that can reconstruct the data without having them reload the entire page.

The goal of ReactJS is simple – To make a website and mobile application development easy, quick, and scalable. Also, this framework operates only for the application’s user interfaces and communicates with the View in the MVC template. However, developers use it with other JavaScript frameworks too like Angular.js app development.

Why choose ReactJS over other JavaScript frameworks?

Here are some of the reasons why to choose ReactJS over other frameworks:


ReactJS uses JSX to prepare a template rather than any usual JS library. JSX refers to the most amazing feature that makes a framework easy to use and smooth functioning. It derives HTML quoting and uses HTML tag syntax to break down sub-components. This feature allows developers to create a new UI feature in no time while delivering real-time outputs.

React Native

In 2015, Facebook announced ReactJS equipped with native libraries, which offer the react structure to various native apps including UPD, iOS, and Android. React Native uses only JavaScript to build any mobile app, which helps design similar React.js and allows developers to add rich UI library components in the desired project. Also, react-native has similar basic UI building blocks to those of Android and iOS applications. The best thing about using React native is, it allows users to embrace the elements written in Swift, Objective-C, and Java.

Virtual Document Object Model (DOM)

The Virtual DOM feature of ReactJS helps the framework accelerate the speed of web applications. Also termed as the node tree, the Virtual DOM makes a list of all the necessary components including its features, content, properties, and objects. The render () of React helps developers develop a node tree from the various react elements.

Later, it upgrades the tree as a response to any mutations found in the entire data structure. It is because of the multiple actions taken on the UI. Any changes made in UI are done via Virtual DOM. Later, the difference between the previous and new Virtual DOM gets calculated to ensure the new DOM is upgraded with all new elements.

One-way data flow

ReactJS offers various collections of unchangeable values that are transferred to those elements that are broken and have the properties of HTML tags. Although these elements cannot make any changes in the properties of the app, they can still order a call-back operation through which developers can make any necessary changes. This entire process is termed as properties flow down; actions flow up.

React Elements

The react elements are often considered as the building blocks of every app’s user interface. Some components can render the UI into some reusable and independent elements. When you hire ReactJS developer team, they can split using UI library modified parts without even affecting the rest of the UI.

What are the benefits of ReactJS?

Now, let us have a look at the various features and benefits of ReactJS, which makes it an ideal solution for mobile app development.

An open-source library

The entire software is available for free, therefore most of the users and developers choose this framework for mobile app development. Launched by tech architects of Facebook, you can have the opportunity to develop the codes, improve your knowledge, and implement these skills to gain profitable project output.

Easy to adapt

ReactJS offers great adaptability and convenience, thanks to its easy-to-learn configuration. Additionally, it helps develop user-friendly web applications and mobile applications. This render feature of React.JS offers a functional programming style and makes it easier for the platform to get used for mobile app development.

Server-side interaction

ReactJS offers server-side communication, making it one of the biggest reasons why developers choose ReactJS over other frameworks. It allows them to hassle-freely upgrade the library by processing the XHR requests. Also, it uses the life cycle hooks, making it easier for the platform to authorize requests.


Now you know the importance of ReactJS and why businesses must consider this framework to develop a feature-rich mobile app in no time and within budget. If you are looking for ways to proceed further, our ReactJS Development company is here to help. Our team will assist you with the right proceedings and ensure we deliver state-of-the-art services.

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What are the limitations of ReactJS?

  • The development speeds
  • Improper documentation
  • JSX as a barrier
  • What is the benefit of using ReactJS?

    It is an extremely intuitive platform to work with, which provides interactivity to the layout of UI library. Additionally, it enables fast and quality assured application development services that save time for both clients and developers.

    Is ReactJS frontend or backend?

    ReactJS is a declarative, efficient, and very flexible JavaScript library that helps build user interfaces. Also, it is an open-source, component-based, front-end library developed and launched by Facebook.