6 Effective Ways to Lower the Cost of ReactJS Maintenance Services

Currently, there are 1,100,183 live ReactJS-based websites worldwide. This robust JavaScript library powers 312,467 distinctive domains. About 13% of developers choose React as their preferred JavaScript library as compared to Vue that is used by only 4% of developers. While building a ReactJS application requires you to invest a considerable amount of money, you need to continue investing in ReactJS support & maintenance services for its better performance, timely updates, and making it error-free. In this article, we will discuss 6 effective ways to lower the cost of ReactJS app maintenance.

A Brief Introduction to ReactJS

React is not a framework but a JavaScript library. React web apps come with a robust and amazing user interface. Many developers use ReactJS features to enhance the user interface and user experience. As the ReactJS application abstracts the DOM away, it provides a simple programming model and better performance.

This is one of the main reasons why startups hire ReactJS developers for simple and fast prototypes.

React faces tough competition with Angular and Vue for web application development. However, ReactJS web application development is a preferred choice of developers and businesses. It’s because it enables building native applications using React Native.

However, ReactJS applications require high maintenance after development. There are several elements and components in the user interface, which require regular maintenance. However, it can be challenging as well as expensive. Let’s consider the factors that are responsible for the high cost of ReactJS app maintenance.

Factors that Influence the Cost of ReactJS Maintenance Services

ReactJS web apps can be very expensive to maintain. While the ReactJS library is not solely responsible for increased cost, it contributes significantly. Following are the factors that affect the cost of ReactJS maintenance services:

  • Third-party Add-ons – Need heavy maintenance other than the library. This leads to a higher cost of application updates and upgrades.
  • Old, Outdated Technology Versions – Cause increased errors and bug fixing which is a time-consuming process.
  • Wrong Development Approach – Also contributes to the cost of ReactJS app maintenance.
  • When You Hire ReactJS Developers – It can burn a hole in your pocket. If you hire unprofessional ReactJS developers, the app updates can become a costly affair.
  • Absence of Clear Documentation – Makes ReactJS developers struggle to maintain the web application as they do not know the project structure.
  • If you’re considering investing in ReactJS support & maintenance services, then you need to take into account all of these factors to reduce the cost.

    As a leading ReactJS development company in India, we follow the best ReactJS development practices to ensure lower ReactJS maintenance costs in the future. We have discussed some of the effective ways to reduce the cost of ReactJS maintenance services.

    How to Reduce the Cost of ReactJS App Maintenance?

    As a ReactJS development company in India, we love working with the framework because of its appealing components, features, performance, virtual DOM, reusability, and simplicity. However, we need to put in a lot of hard work to maintain the application properly.

    1. Ensure Code Quality

    First you need to understand the ReactJS code thoroughly. Then you need to focus on writing high-quality code. While clear and precise coding can be costly initially, however, it will save the maintenance costs later on.

    Well-written code rarely has errors, can run seamlessly, takes less time, and can be updated easily. Also, following the right coding standards is crucial for the reduction of the cost of ReactJS maintenance services.

    If you hire ReactJS developers who are new and less skilled for your project, they will write poor code which will be difficult to understand.

    2. Create Responsive Design

    ReactJS developers who are not creating mobile-responsive designs are on the wrong path. As a professional ReactJS development company in India, we make sure that the ReactJS web application designs we create are mobile responsive. This reduces the cost of separately building a mobile website.

    Following a mobile-first approach simplifies the process of structuring the CSS into an application. Or else, you need to hire developers to build one. By adopting a mobile-friendly approach, you can even adapt your web application into a responsive design afterward.

    3. Have Clear Documentation

    The availability of proper and comprehensive documentation is crucial for any developer. Whenever they get stuck, ReactJS developers can have a look at the documentation to easily analyze various things including the quality of code, project progress, and the ability to identify and view historical code.

    A well-documented project will automatically reduce the cost of ReactJS app maintenance as it will give a clear gist of the entire project. Fair documentation gives an outline of the project structure and also simplifies the project arrangement process.

    If you’re planning to work with long-term partners like ReactJS India, then project documentation is a vital process. Documentation also makes it easy to hand over the project to other developers.

    4. Third-party Services

    This has two aspects, one is outsourcing your project to the third party and the other one is the third-party add-ons. You must consider the offerings of the third-party packages. Outsourcing your project to a ReactJS development company without any prior knowledge of ReactJS support and maintenance services can lead to high costs, increased efforts, and more time.

    Furthermore, third-party add-ons are also a vital part of the ReactJS development process. You must ensure that every add-on in your application receives proper updates. Outdated add-ons will cause your application to lag and cost you more money to maintain.

    5. Impact of Newly Added Features

    You need to be careful about adding new features to your application. Evaluating the potential impact of any new feature should be a must for your project. The addition of new features impacts functional longevity, application performance, and app maintenance cost. Assessing the impact and necessity of new features is crucial for ReactJS app maintenance costs. Every new feature that you add to your application adds an additional layer of code, which ultimately leads to unwanted costs.

    6. Library-Version Upgrade

    Last but not the least, upgrading to the latest version of the ReactJS library is another most important aspect of reducing the cost of ReactJS app maintenance. The upgraded ReactJS library provides newer features and functions for ReactJS web application development.

    The latest version of the library ensures enhanced app performance and productivity. Thus, you can save a considerable amount of ReactJS app maintenance costs by keeping the version up to date.

    Moreover, the latest version of the ReactJS library offers better features and security patches. It saves your web app from any vulnerability that can lead to future problems which may incur a huge cost of ReactJS support & maintenance services.

    We Can Help You Manage Your ReactJS App Maintenance Cost

    Reducing the app maintenance cost is crucial for any company. When you hire ReactJS developers from an experienced and reputed company, you can easily avoid the heavy cost of maintenance.

    If you want to move from heavy costs to heavy performance of your ReactJS application, then you can hire ReactJS developers at ReactJS India.

    As a professional ReactJS development company in India, we follow the best ReactJS development practices and methodologies to reduce the ReactJS app maintenance costs by 25%-50%.


    Q.1. Is React good for software development?
    Ans. React is a great development tool for creating interactive applications for web, mobile, and other platforms. Due to its advanced features, ReactJS development services are gaining popularity day by day amongst developers and businesses.

    Q.2. What does ReactJS do on a website?
    Ans. ReactJS can be used to build interactive interfaces in JavaScript for various platforms. You can use ReactDOM for web apps, React Native for developing mobile apps by sharing the majority of source code between iOS and Android, and cross-platform hybrid desktop apps using Electron.

    Q.3. Do you provide post-development ReactJS support and maintenance services?
    Ans. Yes, we do. As an end-to-end ReactJS development company in India, we offer instant support and maintenance services for your ReactJS application, however, the services offered will be chargeable.

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