Why Hire ReactJS Developers for Single Page Application Development?

A Single Page Application (SPA) is a distinct type of web application that loads a single HTML page dynamically while updating it when the user is using the application. SPAs use HTML5 and AJAX in the process of formulating fluid to make the web respond faster when loading and reloading them. Some of the famous single-page applications include Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Google Maps, Gmail, etc. Today, as users love websites and applications that are blazingly fast, high-performing, and highly responsive, businesses are now turning to Single Page Application Development to enhance user experience and site performance.

There are several leading technologies like ReactJS and AngularJS that are used for building fast-loading single page applications. We have been using ReactJS for single page application development over the years, creating high-performing SPAs for our clients from various business verticals. In recent years, we have seen React.js evolve as more stable, mature, and gain increased adoption.

In this blog post, we will discuss why opting for ReactJS development services for single page application development can be beneficial for you!

Benefits of Single Page Application Development

As many businesses and enterprises are developing and launching websites and applications, it’s important for a web development company to meet high standards and enhance user experience. Here are some of the reasons why single-page applications are very popular.

  • Better reusability
  • Easy Optimization
  • Client-side rendering
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Easy debugging
  • High Performance
  • Less complex implementation
  • Better caching
  • Drawbacks of Single Page Application Development

    Although SPAs have numerous benefits, companies should not neglect the drawbacks when deciding whether to implement this model. Here are some of the pitfalls to keep in mind:

  • There’s no way back
  • Scroll position
  • Canceling navigation
  • Handling unsaved changes
  • Lower search engine ranking
  • Loading CSS and JS
  • Bad link sharing
  • Code tracking is a major challenge
  • Poor website analytics
  • Single Page Application vs Multiple Page Application

    Single page applications are ideal for developing fast-loading, dynamic websites, especially if you’re considering building a mobile app. The main disadvantage of this model is poor search engine optimization and lower search engine ranking. It is perfect for the social network, private communities, and SaaS, where SEO is not necessary.

    As compared to Single Page Applications, Multi-Page Applications is capable of handling huge volumes of data that require multiple pages, features, and menus which makes it beneficial for online stores, catalogs, and business websites.

    However, developers are making efforts to come up with approaches that may allow using single page applications with voluminous data.

    If you’re planning to build a SPA and looking for an effective framework for it, then you should consider investing in a ReactJS website development company.

    Why Choose ReactJS for Single Page Application Development?

    ReactJS is a high-performance, open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook for creating amazing user interfaces. Although it is a young framework, it has quickly emerged as one of the most popular JS libraries available today.

    ReactJS is supported by a vast, active community of developers. Facebook makes use of React on Instagram and many other parts of Facebook.

    Many developers think that the Virtual DOM is the main advantage of React, however, it’s not the only reason. React offers many other unique advantages for developing single page applications. Here are some of the reasons to hire ReactJS developers for Single Page Application Development.

    1. High-performance

    The poor performance was common with the previous JavaScript frameworks because they tried to manipulate the HTML document or DOM directly. Many components need to be updated frequently when the user interacts with a web app. This leads to the sluggish performance of the web app.

    On the other hand, React uses the virtual representation of the DOM. So, when a user interacts with the web app, the operations are performed against the virtual DOM before a combined set of changes are then rendered into the displayed web page. This enhances the performance of the web app.h3

    2. UI components

    The main advantage of React is that it is component-based. React breaks your user interface into several, small individual components in their own isolated state. This structure helps developers to easily develop reusable components and test them.

    3. Small, lightweight library

    Many JavaScript frameworks are generally loaded with things that are not really required by developers. React is an extremely small and lightweight library. Developers can learn the API in a day. If you’re seeking functionality provided by the larger frameworks, then React with Flutter is the best option for you.

    4. Easy Testing

    Another advantage of ReactJS website development is that it ensures easy testing of applications. The use of React components makes testing of applications simple and easy. As ReactJS facilitates faster development, the application can be released to users quickly. That’s the reason why enterprises or businesses that are looking for rapid single page application development, prefer to hire ReactJS developers for their projects. A new type of component-based testing tool like Storybook.js is also available in the market.

    5. Support for Client-rendering & Server-rendering

    React supports both client-rendering and server-rendering which makes ReactJS website development more popular. As React uses a virtual DOM in place of a real browser, it operates perfectly under Node.js on the server, facilitating client and server-side rendering using the same templates.

    6. Active Community Support

    React boasts of its vibrant and active community. There are numerous open-source packages available for daily, recurring tasks such as animation, testing, form validation, and more.

    Facebook is constantly striving to develop and enhance React with solutions such as Relay and GraphQL. Also, Facebook discusses almost everything about React with the community. They offer an idea and get feedback before making any release of a new feature.

    So, if you opt for ReactJS development services, you can find help easily and instantly from this vast network.

    Wrapping Up

    React is a powerful modern framework ideal for developing large, complex web and mobile applications. We have developed numerous successful projects using React over the years, which has made us renowned in ReactJS website development.

    We offer comprehensive ReactJS development services to build a diverse range of web and mobile applications. Hire ReactJS developers from us for professional single page application development.


    Q.1. Are single page applications better?

    Ans. Single page applications offer enhanced user experience (UX), which means that users can navigate easily between the different app pages without waiting for them to load.

    Q.2. Is single page application the future?

    Ans. Single page applications are ideal if you’re planning to build dynamic platforms with a small amount of data to deal with. If you’re looking to build a solid foundation for future mobile apps, then SPAs are the right solution.

    Q.3. What are the examples of single page applications?

    Ans. Some of the examples of single page applications are Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.
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