Why Hire React Native Developer for Enterprise App Development?

Backed by Facebook, React Native helps you build intuitive and high-performing mobile apps by simply using JavaScript which is supported by iOS as well as Android. The applications developed with React Native have a single codebase that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms which significantly reduced the development time, effort, and cost. You can also hire React Native developer for enterprise-level transformation of your application.

ReactJS India, being a specialized React Native app development company, unlocks the full potential of React Native to build powerful enterprise applications for your cross-industry clients across the globe. Hire React Native developer from us who can help you build amazing applications for your business.

Since its inception, React Native has evolved and attained vast community support. Also, being built on top of ReactJS, React Native has given strong competition to the most popular, AngularJS.

If you’re looking for platform-specific solutions, React Native has got you covered. You may opt for React Native Android development or iOS development to deliver a true native app experience.

Top Reasons to Hire React Native Developers for App Development

Currently, more than 30K applications have been developed using React Native technology. Here are some of the benefits with app development that you’ll enjoy when you hire React Native app developers for your project.

Readability Standards

If you want to build an application with intuitive, clean, and fast-loading interface, then you should opt for ReactJS UI development services. React Native is an ideal choice for developing high-quality user interface for various mobile apps. While the platform was used for developing iOS-based mobile applications initially, it is also used for designing mobile apps’ UIs too.

Additionally, this open-source platform also works perfectly with web view components and modules. React Native also takes the native elements into account, which are capable of compiling along with the machine language as per the device. So, rather than limiting itself towards providing measurable optimization speeds, React strives to offer significant benefits in the view of native applications.

Greater Efficiency

Another benefit of investing in React Native app development company is that the platform is capable of maintaining portability and efficiency standards appropriately. From creating high-end mobile apps to efficient web application development, React Native can help you create beautiful user interface. Based on JavaScript and supported by Facebook, React Native is the premier choice of enterprises and developers. It also provides facilities for virtual DOM, key performance features, and more.

Being feature-rich in nature, the React Native provides excellent efficiency and highly-optimized speed levels to the applications. Additionally, the framework can also integrate plugins and third-party links to enable the devices to leverage the functionalities of other sensors.

Cross-Platform Development

Another reason why businesses hire React Native developers is that the platform facilitates the development of cross-platform applications to help businesses capture broader audience. React Native app developers can build Android and iOS-based applications using a single code base.

Enterprise Mobility Applications

React Native is an ideal platform for building high-end enterprise applications. Moreover, being a product of Facebook, you can be assured of robust security and the best app experience.

React Native offers countless benefits that attract many enterprises to hire React Native developer for enterprise mobility solutions.

Usage of Libraries and Frameworks for Free

React native app development is a cost-effective way to build viable solutions for your enterprises. Developers can leverage libraries and frameworks for free. However, you must not forget that the working and functioning of this open-source framework is subject to facts about MIT License. MIT License tenders specific restrictions on the policies pertaining to the software reusability and is popularly known for providing legal protection to the designated authorities


JavaScript is one of the most preferred app development languages and has gained huge popularity over the years. It has been constantly evolving and has made a prominent place in the web and mobile app development fields.

Deployment of JavaScript language in the React Native domains is another reason why it is one of the best platforms for enterprise application development. On the other hand, other programming languages like Swift or Objective-C could be difficult for new developers in the market. React Native simple to learn and use as it is beginner-friendly.

Easy Conversion of Web to Mobile

React Native helps in writing code that is completely reusable. This enables developers to detect and fix bugs in the code easily and efficiently. Moreover, as it comes with an intuitive and modular interface, even the external development teams can easily understand the logic and flow.

React Native improves the flexibility of the developers and also helps in the natural development of updates for web apps. Moreover, React Native makes the creation of test cases and programming logic simpler and quicker. This saves a lot of time of developers and companies while the natural transformation from the web to mobile takes place.

Shared Codebase for iOS and Android

React Native uses a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms. Therefore, if you want to expand your business reach to a wider audience irrespective of the devices they are using, you may opt for React Native Android development or iOS app development services. With React Native app development, the components can be reused along with the existing codebase without requiring recompiling or rewrite the code for the app.

Enhancing Enterprise App Development with React Native Framework

Enhancing Enterprise App Development with React Native Framework

In the rapidly evolving world of enterprise app development, businesses are constantly seeking efficient ways to deliver high-quality applications across multiple platforms. React Native, a popular JavaScript framework developed by Facebook, has emerged as a game-changer in this domain.

With its ability to build native-like mobile applications using a single codebase, React Native is revolutionizing the way enterprise apps are developed. In this blog post, we will explore how the React Native framework is helping streamline enterprise app development.

1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

One of the key advantages of React Native is its cross-platform compatibility. By utilizing a single codebase, developers can create apps that run smoothly on both iOS and Android platforms. This significantly reduces development time and costs as there’s no need to build separate codebases for different platforms. Enterprises can now reach a wider audience and target both major mobile platforms without compromising on app performance and user experience.

2. Reusability and Code Sharing

React Native enables code reusability, allowing developers to share a significant portion of code between different platforms. This reusability feature accelerates development cycles and simplifies maintenance. Changes made to the shared codebase are automatically reflected across all platforms, saving valuable time and effort. Enterprises can achieve faster time-to-market and respond quickly to market demands, giving them a competitive edge.

3. Native-Like User Experience

While React Native uses JavaScript, it renders components through native APIs, resulting in a native-like user experience. The framework leverages platform-specific UI components, ensuring that the app looks and feels like a native application. This approach eliminates the need for compromise in terms of user interface and user experience, which is crucial for enterprise apps striving to provide a polished and professional look to their users.

4. Third-Party Library Support

React Native has a vast ecosystem of third-party libraries and pre-built components, which enhances its capabilities and facilitates faster development. Enterprises can leverage these libraries to add various functionalities, such as authentication, data visualization, and push notifications, without reinventing the wheel. This extensive library support not only saves development time but also ensures the availability of robust solutions for complex enterprise requirements.

5. Hot Reloading and Debugging

React Native’s hot reloading feature allows developers to view real-time changes in the app as they modify the code. This significantly speeds up the development process, as developers can instantly see the impact of their changes without restarting the app. Moreover, the framework provides powerful debugging tools that make it easier to identify and fix issues during the development phase. These features contribute to faster iterations and better collaboration among the development team.

6. Growing Developer Community

React Native has a thriving and active developer community. This community contributes to the framework’s growth by providing continuous support, sharing knowledge, and creating open-source tools and libraries. Enterprises can benefit from this community by accessing a wealth of resources, tutorials, and best practices. The community’s feedback and contributions ensure that React Native remains up-to-date and relevant to the evolving needs of React Native Developer for enterprise app development.

Concluding Thoughts:

The React Native framework stands out from the other frameworks because of the numerous benefits it offers. It has emerged as the premier choice of React Native developer for enterprise app development.

Being a professional React Native app development company, we not only find the agility and ease while creating React Native apps but also experience greater efficiency and reduced cost and workload during the development process.

What makes React Native our favorite platform is that we don’t need to focus on both Android and iOS platforms to build the app. This is the main reason why many leading companies across the globe rely on the powerful React Native framework to create amazing applications for their business operations.

The React Native framework has become a preferred choice for enterprise app development due to its cross-platform compatibility, code reusability, native-like user experience, third-party library support, hot reloading, and growing developer community.

By utilizing React Native app development company in India, enterprises can streamline their app development processes, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality applications that meet the expectations of modern users. As the framework continues to evolve, it holds tremendous potential for the future of enterprise app development.

In conclusion, React Native is empowering enterprises to develop robust, feature-rich, and cost-effective mobile applications while maintaining high standards of performance and user experience.


Q.1. How much does it cost to development React Native app development?
Ans. Normally, the cost of React Native app development services is around $25/hour, however it largely depends on the app complexity.

Q.2. Why should I choose React Native for mobile development?
Ans. If you want to develop an application for both iOS and Android, React Native is an ideal for cross-platform mobile app development. Moreover, you can reduce codebase by about 95% which saves a lot of time and money. Other than that, React Native offers many open-source libraries of pre-built components that can facilitate faster development process.

Q.3. Is React Native free to use?
Ans. React Native is an open-source development platform. This means that all resources and documentation related to React Native are available for free to everyone belonging React Native community. There is a huge benefit of using a community-driven platform.