Why Development Companies Use ReactJs Framework in 2022?

Since the release of ReactJS framework, it has achieved remarkable success. It has surpassed all of its competitors and has shown significant growth in terms of its popularity. Considering ReactJS Development Services for building web applications will give a great foundation to the project success. It is a highly preferred platform to make a high-performance web application.

Why Use ReactJS for Web Application Development?

Before knowing the reasons to invest in ReactJS, here are some of the key facts to understand.

  • Jordan Wike, a software engineer at Facebook, developed ReactJS prototype. Later on, it was open-sourced and has the biggest community of users.
  • Stack Overflow survey revealed, it stands on the second position amongst the most loved, dreaded, and wanted framework in 2020.
  • Features of ReactJs Framework

    1. JSX Syntax

    React uses JSX syntax which is an extension to JavaScript. JSX seems like the template language but it has all the powers of JavaScript. It is a great way that produces the React “elements”. React embraces the fact that the rendering page logic couples inherently with another UI logic. JSX helps to achieve the results by handling concerns with loosely coupled units named components.

    2. Virtual DOM

    The virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept where “virtual” representation of a UI is kept in memory. Virtual DOM is the representation of the DOM objects which is basically a copy of it and is lighter in terms of representation. It is important React knows which necessary part of the DOM need to be updated, and hence it guarantees a better user experience with optimized performance.

    3. Clean Abstraction

    One of the strongest points about ReactJs is that it does not force users to learn the internal processes. User need to know the component’s life cycle, props, and the states for proper knowledge of ReactJS. In addition, no strict rules are present to follow any pattern or architecture like MVC or MVVM. The developer is free to make and design the app’s architecture as per their requirement.

    4. One-Way Data Flow

    React follows one-way data flow architecture. It supports downward data binding ensuring that changes in the child structures do not impact their parent.

    This mechanism is expressed as “Properties flow down, actions flow up” which makes a component to restrict the customization of the properties passed to it. The ReactJs Development Company need to modify the state and implement the updates in order to change an object.

    The clean data flow architecture is easier to implement and offers better control of the web application. This approach makes the code more predictable and debugging becomes simple in case anything goes wrong within the application.

    5. Code Reusability

    React application logic is written in JavaScript and not in the templates, which makes data pass through your app. ReactJS is used for web application development using components and these components form a big section of the application. React language implements reusable components, and this code reusability enhances productivity. With reusable components, the testing process becomes simplified.

    When compared to other frameworks and languages, React stands unique by providing the best and less-complex standards, based on code reusability phenomenon. React makes use of encapsulated components using their own states to make different UI.

    6. SEO-Friendly

    In this competitive digital world, each day developments and innovations comes into picture. Most JavaScript frameworks follow a different path when it comes to SEO. Usually, the JavaScript frameworks do not fit well with the search engines. React is free from such negative impacts and it handles the issues of SEO rankings in a streamlined manner. It comprise of all features that can be implemented to run an application on the server. This makes React an SEO friendly language and different search engines can easily read it.

    Wrapping Up:

    ReactJS is a popular framework, giving a tough competition to AngularJs. It is a great decision to switch to ReactJs for your next project. But at the end of the day, you can hire ReactJs developer to meet the challenges in the most streamlined manner.