What are the Challenges with React Native Mobile App Development

The demand of app development with react native has grown to such an extent where it is now driven with constant updates, making React Native mobile app development an advanced framework. Developers and organizations worldwide have realized the importance of React Native mobile app development and various benefits that it fosters. This popularity has led to people discovering a certain number of challenges that it renders. Therefore, the react native development company has listed out some key challenges and its effective solution.

Just like any other framework, react native also comes with its share of limitations and improvement scope. If you are a new start-up or a decade-old organization learning to stay updated with all the aspects of react native, this article will help you greatly in streamlining your work processes. Also, it will save the time and stress you may spend while understanding these challenges every time it occurs. Additionally, you will have a better understanding of this cross-platform app development once you know its flaws and limitations.

Before we head towards the challenges, let’s first discuss the advantages of using React Native app development framework:

• New developers can easily use JavaScript and have a great learning curve.
• Re-usability of codes to speed up the development process
• Pre-built components and third-party plugins which helps create feature-packed good-quality apps from scratch
• High performance-based apps get created with higher scalability, reliability, and stability
• Technical features like modular architecture, declarative coding style, and hot-reload feature help enhance the productivity of the developers
• Rich and user-friendly UI/UX design
• Powerful and knowledgeable community to support
• Easy and direct installation method
• Faster time-to-market
• Creates solutions that help adapt Android and iOS along with smart TVs, VR devices and more

There are many other such advantages of React Native, which ensures the framework has a bright scope in foreseeable future. However, like any other framework, there are many challenges too that inherits apps using React Native. As experts we would recommend you hire Reactjs development company to help your business grow and keep you unaffected with the challenges it poses. Let’s have a look on them:


React native is not so mature comparatively. Therefore, developers often face the performance issues when they work with the react-native development series. However, the team behind react-native at Facebook claims that they have built a new architecture to automatically eradicate all these issues related to performance. Moreover, it will solve the bridge serialization challenge while improving the communication amidst the elements of JavaScript and native that occurs at different time frames. Hence, the new architecture feels promising.

Native developers save the day

React native was supposed to be a cross platform app development, but often the native app developers are required to make it work. This requirement becomes prominent during heavy operations of computation for the apps based on react native. Hence, developers are forced to dispose all the computations to their mobile app’s native part, which further calls for a developer with native module skills.

Above all, while using an SDK such as Google Analytics, one needs to understand the native library’s core working process to comprehend the integration procedure of react native with it to ensure nothing else gets disrupted. To overcome such issues certain tools are available to make react native much more convenient.

Same components do not work the same way

When it comes to cross-platform app development, no one can assure that an app component written in either type of frameworks will behave the same way on both the platforms, iOS and Android. Therefore, when you hire react native developers, make sure you hire the professional ones, because a professional and experienced react native mobile app developer will understand these issues and find ways to resolve it.

Requires a developer with multiple expertise

As mentioned above, react native development services require the developer to switch amidst JavaScript and other native counterparts. Therefore, while writing the codes, developers often maintain it as per the environment or platform namely, Android, iOS, and React.js, whereas, they could have written the same code on all the platforms.

Abstraction layer challenges

To render additional functionality with the react-native, abstraction layers are created after every platform. This problem causes any bug that may have raised in the abstraction layers cause unexpected bugs in the entire application. The more challenging task is to diagnose and rectify these bugs. Additionally, owning these abstraction layers implies that the user relies on the third-party services and libraries to keep their framework updated to prevent it from getting collapsed.

Execute custom designs in native language

It is one of the major disadvantages of owning abstraction layers. You are left with no choice when it comes to implementing custom designs. Developers can only execute the designs in the native languages such as Objective- C, Java, and Swift. Furthermore, it decreases the benefits of having a hybrid platform ultimately disappointing the developers. Thus, hiring a professional react native app development company is paramount.

Summing it up

Although react native is more than a decade old, there is still many rooms left for improvement. All the listed challenges or limitations are faced by react-native developers worldwide. Therefore, organizations, irrespective of their workforce strength, hire professional and skilled react native app developers. Looking an expert to hire reactjs developer? Get in touch with us and we shall help you avail reactjs development services.


What is React?
It is an open-source JavaScript library created by Facebook to build complex, interactive UIs in web and mobile applications.
How is React different?
It is different because react is a small library focusing on building UI components, which is different from other JavaScript frameworks.