Scaling Your Business with ReactJS: Tips and Best Practices

Developed by an engineer, Jordan Walke in the year 2011 at Facebook, ReactJS is one of the popular frameworks used by most businesses. It is an open-source JavaScript library for facilitating various front-end websites and application development. The purpose of the invention of ReactJS for business is to run a number of user interfaces or applications at once. Let’s check out the key listings of the ReactJS framework.

Key Listing

  • ReactJS for business is a component-based virtual DOM for creating reusable user interfaces and optimizing application performance.
  • One of the powerful JavaScript libraries, ReactJS helps in many ways during the development of the application.
  • With the availability of multiple developer tools and an active and widespread community, ReactJS is popular among developers.
  • Hire Reactjs developers in India to develop responsive, faster, and manageable applications that lead to enhanced user experiences.
  • 1. Simple and quick use

    ReactJS offers crucial advantages for developing individual components. These components will help you in developing UI functionalities by using HTML and different other JavaScript components. Whenever you are trying to speed up page loading functionalities, ReactJS serves you the best. The loading of any website will speed up as ReactJS allows dynamic UI to update. ReactJS is beneficial for developing front-end web applications for its speed optimization feature. Most of the time users prefer fast-loading applications and websites.

    2. A Scalable JavaScript Development Tool

    ReactJS allows developers to incorporate code layouts, and dynamic UI components in PHP, HTML, and JavaScript in a scalable manner. Many other add-on features are also offered by ReactJS for the purpose of enhancing an application’s workflow and functionalities.

    3. Declarative React Applications

    By using ReactJS, the React experts can get to know the end part of any project they want to accomplish and provide instructions to the computer for figuring out how to get there. By using ReactJS declarative API, you will worry less about any kind of changes or modifications that occur during the development process.

    4. Virtual DOM and JSX enhance the user interface

    JSX is nothing but a basic JavaScript extension. JSX allows experts to make use of HTML code for adding a proper webpage template design and content. Interactive features of any web page improve user experiences and JavaScript enables you to do that. A user will have to reload a webpage every time they change the screen using HTML if they are not taking the help of JSX.

    5. Android, UDG, and iOS mobile applications prefer using React Native

    React Native framework is used for developing React applications directly on your mobile for experiencing React interactive features. If mobile-first architecture is your basic requirement, you can easily develop your mobile applications from its scratch. With ReactJS you can easily build any sort of application that includes interactive components. These components include live polls, animations, and social networking.

    Top reasons why you need to choose ReactJS for your upcoming projects

    There are several reasons behind selecting ReactJS for business you are owning and implementing in all your upcoming projects. Let’s understand in detail the reasons behind choosing ReactJS for your future projects.

    Quick learning

    If you are planning your web development projects, and thinking of which framework to be incorporated into your projects, ReactJS web development is the ideal forum you can consider. The learning process compared to other frameworks is simple and you can quickly learn this. ReactJS assists companies to build their web development process quickly. Also, human nature shows that we avoid learning difficult things and this takes time to implement those tough learnings to your ongoing projects. As ReactJS is easier to learn, renowned brands tend to implement this framework on their projects.

    Enriched user interfaces

    In today’s technical world, it becomes sometimes difficult to match the quality of user interfaces. Poorly designed UI design will eventually affect an application. It will restrict the success of the app. However, a good-quality UI design will ensure the chances of staying back on the application for a longer period. Therefore, it is an obvious fact that an enriched application will ensure survival of an application.

    Custom components

    You may develop your own components using React thanks to JSX, an optional syntax extension. These components essentially allow HTML quoting and make it enjoyable for developers to render all subcomponents. JSX has been the subject of numerous discussions, but it has already been used for authoring bespoke components, creating high-volume applications, and turning HTML mockups into ReactElement trees. Additionally, since components are very adaptable, developers can reuse them in the entire project after developing them, which speeds up the development process.

    Concluding Thoughts

    Over the past few years, React JS has gained a lot of popularity. Businesses that use React are expanding rapidly. Airbnb, Coursera, Dropbox, Expedia, Facebook, HipChat, Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Salesforce, Twitter, Uber, WhatsApp, WordPress, Yahoo, Zendesk, and many other important web products currently employ React.

    Overall, in today’s fast-paced business environment, it may be advantageous to have your product developed with a future-ready and adaptable tech stack. For a free consultation, get in touch with ReactJS India engineers right now if you’re thinking about using React in your upcoming project.


    Why is ReactJS for Business better for enterprise application development?
    ReactJS has the credibility in developing web applications with the required development speed, web application performance, flexibility, and usability. These are the core reasons behind choosing ReactJS for creating enterprise applications.

    Is ReactJS the same as React Native?
    The basic difference between the two is, ReactJS is used for developing web applications whereas React Native is used for creating mobile applications. Furthermore, ReactJS can be used on all platforms, but React Native is not platform-independent.

    What is React best used for?
    Some unique features like JSX or components or Virtual DOM make the ReactJS library powerful to build modern applications.