React vs Vue – Which is the best Framework to Choose in 2022

Both React and Vue are two of the most popular frontend development JavaScript frameworks that are used for building intuitive and high-performing websites and applications. But, which one of the two is perfect for your project development. Well, it depends on various factors such as your business requirements and the scenario for which the JS framework you need. In this article, we have compared React vs Vue to help you decide which one to pick for your project.

Of course, both frameworks are very capable as they share several similarities. For instance, both React and Vue use component-based architecture and the Virtual DOM, they make use of props, and debugging is carried out using the Chrome Dev tools.

However, when there are also many differences between React and Vue that you need to know before you rush to hire VueJS or ReactJS services.

Introduction to React

React was introduced in May 2013 by Jordan Walke, the original author at Facebook. Along with the support of the world’s largest social media platform, React is supported by a vast active community of individual developers and organizations.

Although extremely popular for creating intuitive user interfaces, React can also be used for building efficient single-page applications. Some of the leading brands that rely on ReactJS services include Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, New York Times, Yahoo!, etc.

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Introduction to Vue

Vue was created by Evan You and launched in February 2014. While the framework was used in China initially, it is now globally recognized as one of the best JavaScript frameworks for developing intuitive user interfaces and SPAs.

VueJS is an open-source platform and so its further development and maintenance are handled by the constantly growing community of developers. Some of the big names using Vue.js include GitLab, BuzzFeed, Grammarly, EuroNews, Nintendo, Trustpilot, etc.

React vs Vue – Key Comparison Parameters to Consider

1. The Type of Framework

ReactJS is basically a JavaScript library. With framework-like features, it is considered no less than a true JS framework.

On the other hand, Vue.js is a true JavaScript framework. Evan You has officially stated that Vue is nearly like Angular with numerous features that are fast and lightweight.

2. Coding Pattern

ReactJS depends on JavaScript Expressions or JSX for borrowing some elements from the functional programming paradigm. JSX allows you to add HTML code within the JavaScript code.

As ReactJS is a component-based framework, everything within the React environment is considered a component. Also, each component comes with its own lifecycle. React has numerous lifecycle methods for managing these components.

Vue.js comes with a coding style that is similar to the web development scenario before the release of React. Vue follows a truly traditional approach of coding web apps by separating HTML, CSS, and JS.

Like React, Vue.js also comes with component lifecycles. But when comparing React vs Vue, both are very simple and easy to use. Other than this, Vue also excels in resolving some of the issues arising in its predecessor.

3. Documentation

Although Vue.js is a young JavaScript framework, it has the best documentation when compared to other JS frameworks. Vue.js has achieved great appreciation by many developers for its clear, comprehensive, and concise documentation. Since it is very easy to sift through the in-depth concepts, Vue.js is an ideal option for beginners as well as professionals.

ReactJS, on the other hand, follows the old tradition of improving documentation over time. Initially, ReactJS was slammed by developers because of its ambiguous documentation. However, the documentation has become much better now and the ReactJS development team ensures that it will continue improving it in the future

4. Learning Curve

JSX is a crucial part of React which initially demands enough time and effort for newbies as well as veterans. While it shares some key similarities with HTML, JSX is overall a different approach to web application development.

Since React allows doing a lot, a web developer should have in-depth knowledge and understanding of other important JavaScript libraries. Moreover, React emerges as a robust asset with adequate learning and practice.

When comparing React vs Vue based on the learning curve, VueJS is the winner as it has a flattened learning curve. It is easy to learn and get started with using the framework for web development. It is also advantageous for ReactJS developers who want to switch to Vue.js as it provides support for JSX.

For a JavaScript developer, who has never worked with React or Vue, chances are much high that the developer will prefer to choose Vue.js over ReactJS because it is much easier to learn.

5. Career Growth & Opportunities

React is a popular JavaScript framework existing since 2013. Moreover, it is developed and maintained by the social media giant Facebook. These two major reasons make React a premier option when it comes to working opportunities.

On the other hand, Vue is still young and growing. Maybe a couple of years later, there might be a strong competition between React and Vue developers in terms of job prospects. But currently, many companies prefer to hire ReactJS developers over Vue.js developers.

6. Community Support

React is supported by the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook. One of the main advantages of relying on ReactJS services is that Facebook has a dedicated development team that focuses on developing, maintaining, and improving React regularly. Many internal FB products are developed in ReactJS.

Due to the significant involvement of Facebook in ReactJS development along with its implementation and promotion, this JavaScript library has gained a lot of popularity amongst businesses around the world.

On the contrary, Vue.js is not supported by a giant company. However, it still has decent community support and is quite popular. When comparing React vs Vue in terms of community support, React takes the lead as the Vue community is not as large as that of ReactJS.

Vue was launched 9 months after the introduction of React to the world. Also, it was more popular in its home country, China, in its early years. The framework, however, gained a loyal user base some years later. As the framework will mature with time, it will give tough competition to other frameworks, including ReactJS.

7. Flexibility

One of the major advantages of ReactJS is that it is very flexible. For instance, the framework does not have any kind of built-in routing solutions. Even though we have React router for routing, it is not an official part of the React package.

If the developers do not want to use the React router, they can use numerous third-party solutions available. Moreover, developers can deal with the advanced state-management to React with Redux, Mobx, or some other libraries for your preferred state management.

While this amount of freedom may overwhelm newbies, it is bliss for professional developers.

Vue.js, on the other hand, is also a flexible JavaScript framework. However, when we compare React vs Vue, Vue is less flexible.

Things that are offered as official parts of Vue.js include:

· Vue Router for routing purposes

· Vuex which is essential for state management

· Vue Server-Side Renderer crucial for backend rendering

8. Ability to Build Native Mobile Apps

React Native is derived from ReactJS. This tool is used for native mobile application development using JavaScript and React. Currently, several companies are using React Native for building robust and effective mobile applications. Some big names that are using React Native include Airbnb, UberEats, Myntra, Discord, etc.

React Native is also maintained and supported by Facebook. Moreover, the giant social media platform has made it open source a couple of years ago.

VueJS provides no solution for offering native mobile app development. However, this problem will soon be resolved as the framework has joined forces with Weex. It is a mobile multi-platform UI development framework offered by the Alibaba group.

9. Size

React is considered to be more lightweight than Angular. Vue is even smaller than React. Based on the information provided by GitHub Gist, React 16.2.0 plus React DOM has a file size of 97.5 kilobytes whereas the file size of Vue 2.4.4 is 58.8 kb.


Whether you need to hire ReactJS developers or Vue.js developers, ultimately, the decision depends on your business requirements and the particular scenario. If you’re looking to build complex applications and expand them in the future, then you should consider hiring ReactJS services.

Vue.js is an ideal option for building simple and lightweight applications. When choosing between ReactJS and Vue.js for learning purposes, you can choose any as both are great options to learn and increase your expertise in JavaScript and web development.

So, based on this React vs Vue comparison, you can easily decide whether you should invest in one of the React.JS development companies or Vue.js development agencies.


Q.1. What is the cost to hire ReactJS developers in India?
Ans. The cost of hiring ReactJS developers in India can be somewhere around 9,702.90 USD. However, the cost may vary according to the location where you reside, your business requirements, the experience levels of the developers you hire, and many other factors.

Q.2. Is ReactJS used for application development?
Ans. ReactJS is extensively used to build powerful and intuitive applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

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