React Ecommerce Website : 8 SEO Practices You Must Embrace

Who doesn’t know the name of React in the web development marketplace? It is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks of the decade. Over 2.4% of all websites use React as their major JS library. And React Ecommerce Website are in demand due to its

Altogether, React is the world’s most used platform with more than 40% of the web developers’ community. This framework is unleashing plenty of opportunities to help businesses develop sleek & aesthetic UIs.

Meanwhile, websites’ search engine optimization is also a distinct aspect that makes businesses wonder whether to create a react eCommerce website or not. Thus, I will be explaining React eCommerce site SEO practices to boost website ranking.

So, stay tuned with me till the end!

How Google Bot Crawler Looks At React Website

Before you opt for any SEO practice or cheat sheet, you must understand how Crawler perceives content on React site.

Basically, the Google bot crawls your website in two stages:

  • Crawl source code
  • Render DOM
  • In the first practice, it looks through (retrieves) all your HTML source code and content on it such as page headers, images, and more. Secondly, it renders the DOM, and Java Scripts.

    With React, Java Scripts get to save on the client-side, which means Google might not able to identify pages. It happens because React doesn’t trigger any server requests while navigating from one page to another.

    Apparently, Google bot will face difficulty in seeing different pages without severe calls. Indeed, you can implement server-side rendering on your site. Still! It will be hard for Google to render JS files and other server-based resources while navigating through your site.

    Thus, you need to ensure React eCommerce website setup with best SEO practices. Also, you can partner with a ReactJs development company that helps in SEO.

    So, are you wondering what SEO practices you should follow to ensure the ranking of your React eCommerce site?

    How To Do SEO Of React Ecommerce Website?

    There are no easy rules to give your site the best prospects. However, here are some practices that will enable your site pages to land in the top search index.

    #1. Keep Every Page URL Distinct

    To help your web page stand out for ranking, you need to ensure that every page has its own distinct and static URL on your site. It ensures that your page content is always associated with a relevant page at a permanent location, called a canonical URL.

    Search engines always give preference to such pages in ranking and indexing. You can use React Router to achieve this in your React eCommerce site. It assigns every page a permanent URL and aligns the UI with it.

    #2. Ensure Server-Side Rendering

    You already know that React is isomorphic that can provide crawlers with server-side rendered HTML. Also, it can detect when JS is enabled and disabled on the client-side.

    It will reduce pressure on crawlers’ render budgets and the website will load as React SPA — when JS is enabled– without causing any harm to the user experience.

    Ensure Server-Side Rendering

    Meanwhile, isomorphic react for server-side rending overcome various issues such as low content visibility for search crawlers, inefficient discoverability of pages, and more.

    #3. Verify Pre-Rendering

    Pre-Rendering allows you to reap similar outcomes that you get from server-side rendering. But! It includes generating a cached version of rendered HTML pages.

    Later, crawlers access these caches instead of unrendered source code. Moreover, visitors on your site interact with client-side rendered the version of your site.

    Moreover, you can perform this practice using pre-rendering services such as Google Puppeteer, SEO4Ajax, and more.

    #4. Tweak Your Meta Data Perfectly

    Optimized metadata is the key to website ranking in the search engine, and even after so many years, you need to perform it right. Tweak your website metadata to make it compatible with your page content. Ensure high relevancy!

    Having a unique meta title and description helps the page to stand out in search results. React Helmet can make it super easy for you. It provides you with direct access to the metadata editing window on your React eCommerce site.

    Combine old-school metadata practice with modern React tools to win the game!

    #5. Create A Sitemap

    SEO is incomplete without a sitemap. It contains all the information related to the websites such as pages, videos, files, and more. SE read sitemap to crawl your site diligently.

    Though React doesn’t have an integral tool to generate a sitemap. Thus, you will have to create a sitemap yourself. If you are using React Routers you can create a sitemap.

    #6. Optimize Robots.txt

    Robot.txt optimization guides bot to crawl pages on site. It is a text-based file that webmasters create. It instructs the bot to crawl the web page, access/index content, and serve content.

    Moreover, you can tell the search engine how to treat links–“follow” or “nofollow”– by making changes to this file. To accomplish this, make sure you hire ReactJS developers who can guide you in Robot.txt optimization.

    #7. Use A CDN

    CDN– content delivery network — is basically a network of servers located in different geographical locations to ensure swift content loading. It serves all the static assets of the page such as JS, CSS, fonts, and more.

    Furthermore, it uses responsive images to decrease image load time.

    #8. Ensure Measuring Your Website Performance

    Website performance is the most important aspect search engine bot looks at before prioritizing any website for ranking. Here are some aspects of website performance that you should ensure.

    Your website must load quickly.

    Your website navigation should be seamless to enable users to access content swiftly on your site.

    Ensure that your website is interactive to users’ actions.

    Verify that your website isn’t fetching unnecessary data or executing too much code that causes users’ data and battery drains.

    Wrapping UP

    These React eCommerce SEO optimization practices are tested for websites ranking in top search engine results. However, it is essential that you cater to users with the best quality content and seamless user experience.

    React eCommerce website ranking majorly depends on how users are interacting with your site. Thus, pick the best ReactJS eCommerce website development services to secure a high-grade digital shopping experience.



    What Is ReactJs?

    It is a popular JavaScript library to create splendid and interactive user interfaces by using several UI components.

    What are the benefits of using React for eCommerce website development?

    ReactJS provides the following benefits in eCommerce website development:

  • Improved website performance,
  • Reuse of website components,
  • Highly customized website.
  • How to optimize React eCommerce website for ranking?

    To rank your React eCommerce site, you must ensure pre-rending and server-side rendering.