How to Build a Video Streaming App with ReactJs in 2022?

The internet has become a popular source to engage maximum users but needs some sort of investment. There are several innovative services, like emails, blogs, search engines, online networking, and several more. In the age of technology, these services were not available. Due to technological advancements on-demand video streaming applications like YouTube has taken the

How to Create Plugins for Your React Based Application

Over the past few months, we have created a new way to design big React apps to safely and reliably support plugins. This incorporates significant modifications to the typical Flux-based data layer, a way of exposing robust integration elements, and secure runtime segregation for plugin business logic. If you want to create your ReactJS plugin,

ReactJS Vs React Native: Which Framework is Best for E-Business?

Are you juggling between ReactJS vs React Native as the best choice of framework. Starting an e-business requires functional, user-friendly, and faster to deploy web or mobile applications. Building a robust mobile or web application for your newly launched e-business is a daunting task. An extensive set of planning, preparation, research, and integration of the

How React Native Improves the Productivity of Mobile App Developers?

React Native mobile app development is a favorable structure that can assist you plan an application with JavaScript. This construction comprises straightforward plan components that can deliver a rich client experience. React Native applications are not difficult to create, and a developer can finish his work in the most limited time. It additionally decreases the

Why To Look In For React Headless CMS For your Business?

React is a JavaScript library that made its inception in the year 2013 by Facebook. One of the highly used front-end libraries, offer the extendibility to create headless React CMS for your business. It helps store relevant sort of content of your site on different APIs and ensure speedy accessibility. In this post, we let

React Developer Roadmap for 2022

React.js/React Native or React is an extensive library of Javascript that is utilized to assemble UIs or the front-end of the web application. React is definitive, straightforward, component-based, quick, simple to learn, broad, and supports the server-side of the application. It has likewise caught the open-source community’s advantage. React is right now being utilized by

React.js vs Next.js – The Complete Comparison, Benefits, and Features

Both React.js vs Next.js are the most popular tools chosen by front-end web developers. They help enhance our online experience while building strong user interfaces (UI) everywhere. Developing a new project can overwhelm the situation, yet contemporary innovation can streamline the workflow and progress, while you focus on your business targets. In this blog, we

How to Perform React Migration for Increasing Web App Performance?

Implementing the latest tech stack for development is important for any business organization. High-performing websites and well-designed user interfaces are important marketing strategy to engage modern customers. As per the latest statistics, React is the most popularly used Javascript framework. That’s why most of the enterprises do React migration. Why React is preferred over other

Why React Native is a Better Choice for App Development Over Hybrid?

Mobile apps bring more than 60% higher revenue for a business than a regular website. They have become a popular marketing tool to engage potential customers & generate revenue. While developing mobile apps, most of the businesses look for high-performing apps built at a faster rate with minimum investment. But the availability of several outstanding