The Impact of ReactJS on Progressive Web Applications

Web application developers need to be always updated about the trending web development technologies that are continuously reshaping the business tech world. In recent times, one of the latest technologies that are overpowering almost all industries is Progressive Web App(PWA). Here, in this article, we are going to talk about why a progressive web app is needed and what are the advantages of React with PWA, and some crucial use cases of Progressive Web Applications.

Why Do You Need to Build a Progressive Web Application?

Businesses from all industries need to consider Progressive Web App while developing their brand application. Below we are discussing some of the best supportive logic in favor of developing Progressive Web Applications.

PWA has the ability to be at its best even while working in a weak internet zone. Also, sometimes, if there is no internet connection, React with PWA showcases its credibility. Web app developers can perform faster while building PWA even if there is no Internet connectivity. On the contrary traditional web app developers have to stop working immediately.

  • Progressive web applications are responsive in their nature. The mobile-first mobile design approach of PWA enables a wide variety of orientations.
  • Progressive web apps are much more secure than traditional web apps because they work on a specific server which is HTTP.
  • If you want to incorporate enriched features, then PWAs are the best choice as you can integrate application updates, push notifications, and many more.
  • Advantages of PWAs Built with ReactJS

    ReactJS makes PWA more powerful because it offers open-source scripts and a UI library. Therefore, all app developers need to be aware of all advantages of Progressive Web Applications which are as follows:

    Helps in cutting down the overall cost

    Developing Progressive Web Apps with the use of ReactJS helps you cut down on extra expenses. Also, Progressive apps are simpler in terms of their development with the use of easy push updates fetching real-time working while filling the app stores.

    Zero Dependency on Network Connection

    Developers can build Progressive Web applications even if there the internet connection is not stable. Sometimes, even if there are no networks, PWAs work perfectly fine. This feature helps in increasing demand in the eCommerce market. eCommerce Progressive Web Apps

    Supports Hot Reloading

    Developers prefer to use PWA with the help of React, which assists them in Hot Reloading. This simply means developers have the choice of modifications during the runtime of the applications.

    Assists in Engaging Customers

    There is the use of the enriched library during the development of PWA with React. Programmers built React with PWA keeping in mind customized user-interface. Customer demands and preferences are the first priority during building applications.

    Ensured Accessibility and Fast Page Reloading

    There is an assurance for fast page reloading in the case of PWA while built on React. It further ensures a large amount of customer retention on its web page. On the native application page, this scenario is exactly the opposite. Customers get annoyed with delayed page reloading and disruption occurs in purchasing.

    Easy Integration to Mobiles

    ReactJs Development Company use Reactjs to develop eCommerce PWAs, which contributes to the integrity and effective support for mobile UI with strong scalability. eCommerce PWAs are usually accessible on mobile devices. There are further benefits associated with PWA and ReactJS that enable a progressive web app development company to create effective and cutting-edge web applications.

    3 Progressive Web Apps Building with the Use of ReacJS

    It will be wise to be aware of the market leaders who have used ReactJS-based web apps successfully before you hire ReactJS developers for PWA development. Following are some of the use cases of PWA which are built on ReactJS.

    1. Starbucks

    Starbucks’ PWAs make it easy to browse the menu, customize orders, and add products to carts even when you are not connected to the internet. Both growing and established markets enjoy equal access to and appeal with Starbucks’ ReactJS PWA.

    According to the most recent reports, the number of daily orders has rapidly increased (nearly doubled) since PWAs were introduced. Additionally, this technology offers a responsive web experience that boosts app development and increases customer loyalty.

    2. Twitter Lite

    This version of Twitter got popular in 2017. The primary motive of PWA with the help of React was to offer captivating as well as reliable web UX. Twitter basically consumes minimal bandwidth or Internet data while loading a page. Many studies show that there has been a remarkable improvement in terms of user experience after ReatJS was used which developing it.


  • 20% decrease rate in browsing rate
  • Tweet sending has been increased upto 75%
  • BMW

    BMW made every effort to capture customers’ interest by creating a quick, interesting, and secure multimedia experience. The spectacular relaunch of the BMW website took place in 2018. PWA, react, and AMPs are all used to great effect on the recently launched website BMW to give users a pleasant surfing experience. Full-screen films and photos of excellent quality have all been successful in attracting visitors. Users’ data can be cached using ReactJS PWA to offer a personalized experience. Additionally, PWAs and React provide quicker, more interactive site experiences.

    Concluding Thought

    React with PWA is more reliable, quicker, and needs less time to develop than native apps. They also cost less money. By providing a better user experience, PWA is a fantastic choice for businesses to easily reach more users. If you need to develop PWA for your projects you can hire dedicated Reactjs developers in India who showcases their proficiencies in their work.


    Can you use PWA with ReactJS?
    React offers a complete library and package which open up a wide range of options while creating PWA. It leverages users to use web applications when there is no internet connection, even without downloading anything.

    What is the meaning of PWA in React?
    Learn how to create an easy React PWA by reading this post. It provides step-by-step instructions so you can simply follow along. PWA React npm. A more dynamic online application that can function independently is called a Progressive online App (PWA).

    Can PWA run offline?
    PWAs are innately web-based applications that operate in a browser, with the browser serving as an interface between the application and the underlying operating system. Because Service Workers are used, a Progressive Web App can operate offline and always be up to date.