How to proceed with ReactJS Ecommerce Website Development

Expansion is an important aspect of any e-commerce organization. And to meet the user demands & survive in tough competition it is crucial? The frontend of an online selling app works as an indicator of the platform quality and overall brand value. But above all else, it offers a certain level of trust as well as comfort to the buyer. As per reports, about 95% of an e-commerce app optimization is related to Front-end related, leaving beside only 5% for back-end. Here in this blog we will discuss how to proceed with ReactJS Ecommerce Website Development.

Moreover, an e-commerce frontend is updated on regular basis for minute changes on the special days of sale which requires deploying the update to the whole system. Thus, frontend optimization needs proper handling with utmost care else you might end up crashing your app which would be expensive for your business.

So, how to address all frontend-related optimization? The best possible solution is the use of ReactJs UI Development Services from a professional development company meeting all your business needs. There are multiple frameworks available like Angular, & Vue to support building complex UIs, but many people have complained about unnecessary complexities related with them.

How E-commerce App are Developed in ReacJs Framework?

The approach followed is the Atomic Design comprising different building blocks mentioned below:

  • Atoms: Everything in Atomic design starts with the smallest elements of the interface that is atoms. These are basically small, contained and simple components of a web application.
  • Molecules: Molecules are basically groups of two or more atoms combined together by chemical bonds.
  • Organisms: Organisms are basically assemblies of molecules working together as a unit.
  • Templates: Templates include mostly groups of organisms combined together to form pages.
  • Pages: Pages are basic instances of templates.
  • Features of ReactJs Ecommerce website Development

    1. Components for flexibility

    Component-based development streamlines easy code reuse and writing of small features. The major benefit is that you can reuse components on any platform, hence, the developers can save development time as well as efforts, and they can focus on building actual and optimized components for improved performance. Here in our case, e-commerce functionalities. This is crucial once you start scaling and optimizing your shopping cart integration.

    2. Virtual DOM for performance

    Virtual DOM for ReactJs Ecommerce Website Development provides a more efficient way of updating the view in a web application. Performance is significant in e-commerce; every second counts. Speed of e-commerce depends on how SEO optimized it is and this brings revenue for brand. Don’t come in gossips regarding SEO issues; there are several ways to make your ReactJs apps SEO-friendly.

    3. Popularity & vast community for satisfaction

    If you’re a seller, it is not difficult to find developers to build & maintain your ReactJs ecommerce website development. If you’re a developer, when come across any issue it is easy to find solution by interacting with a huge community. Also, the ecosystem comprise dozens of outstanding tools to optimize React development.

    4. Range of ReactJs E-commerce Tools

    A couple tools will simply give you a push to start your e-commerce development:
    Moltin — An API-based e-commerce solution allowing you to use React natively to power your e-commerce applications.
    Cezerin — A React & Node.js based e-commerce platform supports creation of PWAs.
    Reaction Commerce — Open-source, real-time platform that is built on Node.js but goes well with React.
    There are also several frontend platforms which can be integrated with e-commerce functionalities but ReactJs Website development has its own set of benefits.

    5. Flux and Redux Architecture

    Flux developed by Facebook is used for different web applications. It is quite similar to the ReactJs components by its unidirectional flow. The architecture comprise of action creators, assisting in creating action form method parameters. It comprises a library to perform these methods. The presence of central dispatcher keeps these actions combined to update stores. All views are updated according to the stores. On the other hand, Redux is an advanced version of the Flux architecture. It comprise of a single store that are not available in flux. Redux has feature for middleware to intercept dispatched actions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is ReactJS good for E-commerce?
    Absolutely Yes. ReactJs is the perfect framework to build front-end. And you can integrate with several back-end platform including PHP, Nodejs. Also you can see Shopify a biggest e-commerce platform, you will see they use JavaScript call to their API.

    2. Why is ReactJS used to build an application?
    React developers are able to create large web applications which use data that can change over time, without reloading the page. Its main goal is to be fast, simple and scalable. ReactJs processes only user interface in applications. It is simply a JavaScript runtime.

    3. Is ReactJs better than Angularjs?
    Prompt rendering is among the best features of React that gives a significant edge over Angular. The core difference between Reactjs and Angularjs is that React is JS-centric, while Angular 2 remains HTML-centric. JavaScript is far more robust, than HTML that makes ReactJs far more simple, focused and consistent.

    4. What is your pricing model for web application development projects?
    Hire ReactJs Developers with ReactJs India to bring a touch of security for your target audience. We offer diverse development models including monthly, part time, & fixed cost hiring for you to choose from.

    5. Do you assure about security & confidentiality of the idea?
    Yes, we sign a strict NDA to protect your application idea & data. Hence, we ensure complete security and privacy of your application development project.


    Considering the benefits of ReactJs, it’s obvious to say that the framework is a perfect investment for e-commerce development. You can easily build high-end applications and all data changes can be done securely. And obviously, using Virtual DOM, the development rate becomes fast and user-friendly. Thus, we would advise you to hire ReactJS developer for your business solutions. It’s probably the best framework in the market, allowing developers to build engaging & complex UI structures without any trouble.