Why React Native is a Better Choice for App Development Over Hybrid?

Mobile apps bring more than 60% higher revenue for a business than a regular website. They have become a popular marketing tool to engage potential customers & generate revenue. While developing mobile apps, most of the businesses look for high-performing apps built at a faster rate with minimum investment. But the availability of several outstanding

React Native Vs Flutter: Make the Right Choice for App Development in 2022

React Native and Flutter are both top-rated technologies used for Mobile app development that have their own importance in development world. While React Native is a JavaScript framework, Flutter is language for android, iOS & Linux developers. So which is better to pick when thinking about the development of a new mobile app? In this

What Makes React Native an Apt Choice for Android App Development?

Are you looking for a fast and easy-to-use mobile app development platform for Android app development? In this blog post, we will show you how a React Native app development company can help businesses build feature-rich Android apps in various niches. Let’s explore more about React Native to discover what makes it an apt choice

Mistakes to Avoid While Developing React Native Apps for Enterprise

The demand for React Native mobile apps is rising rapidly to an optimum level. Mainly because of the increasing popularity of the framework among developers and enterprises, React Native is high in demand these days. Despite that, there are a few shortcomings that need to avoid while having a complete understanding of the framework. So,

What are the Challenges with React Native Mobile App Development

The demand of app development with react native has grown to such an extent where it is now driven with constant updates, making React Native mobile app development an advanced framework. Developers and organizations worldwide have realized the importance of React Native mobile app development and various benefits that it fosters. This popularity has led

How to Deal with React Native Security Issues with Few Simple Steps?

No one can guarantee the 100% React Native Security for an application. There would be some kind of vulnerabilities involved allowing attackers to inflict damage to the application. Even choosing ReactJS services for building a cross-platform app that ensures speed, agility, scalability, flexibility, and robustness. One more thing to focus upon will be the app’s

The Futuristic Vision of React Native to Support Many Platforms Ahead

Over the years, cross-platform mobile app development framework, React Native has gained quite momentum. For several industries, React is the first choice of technology to develop Android and iOS apps using the same codebase. Looking at the different industrial verticals, React Native mobile app development is the first preference for Computer Software (29%), Information Technology

Is React Native Mobile App Development is the Future?

Launched by Facebook in 2015, React Native is one of the most effective and widely used open-source app development frameworks that is creating a revolution in the mobile app development industry. Leading applications like Instagram, Airbnb, Tesla, Bloomberg, Wix, and Walmart are leveraging React Native technology and have gained a competitive edge over their competitors.

How to Keep React Native Web Application Secure in 2021?

When developers opt React Native as a platform to build mobile apps, they look for the advantages of one codebase for two platforms, enhanced development speed and benefits of TypeScript. But where is the most important element application security? Many myths are shared over the web related to React Native apps security. In this article,

When to Choose React Native App Development and When Avoid?

Cross-platform development has turned out to be an extraordinary opportunity for fully React Native App Development. Following the Native mobile development approach, you create separate apps for Android and iOS. The cross-platform development allows you to reduce charges and keep time through the usage of identical code throughout both systems. The React Native framework is