Is React Native Mobile App Development is the Future?

Facebook created an amazing factor in the application development industry with React Native framework. Businesses and technical experts need to understand the significance of React Native to ensure the success of their apps. React Native refers to a native version of the popular JavaScript library ReactJS, which is maintained by developers on Facebook and Instagram.

An In-Depth Guide to Use React Native and Single Codebase for Applications

You want to create a cross-platform application without breaking the bank. Then React Native is the solution for you. It has gained popularity among developers as a result of the impact it has had on the industry. To reduce the number of code lines, all you need is React Native and single codebase. Moving to

React Native Vs Cordova: How To Choose The Right Platform for Mobile App Development?

There are numerous tools and technologies today that can potentially accelerate any mobile app development process. React Native vs Cordova is the most popular ones among them. Both these tools are helping businesses gain traction and grow exponentially by creating robust, secure, and highly-scalable mobile applications. However, many enterprises find it challenging to choose the

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Database For React Native Development

ReactJS has emerged as a major preference of giant establishments and start-ups looking for a mode to enter the application domain without compromising on time and cost. This platform has become the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by developers worldwide. 42% of the world’s developer community choose React Native for their app development projects.

Why React Native is a Better Choice for App Development Over hybrid?

The decision to build mobile apps is focused on business requirements and user expectations. While both web-based and native apps have advantages, hybrid mobile applications have grown in popularity. It is due to their ability to adapt across multiple platforms to build applications that provide consistent performance regardless of platform. Aside from being less expensive,

Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native App

We can all agree that applications have gradually become engrained in our daily lives. According to Statista, there are already over 218 billion apps downloaded this year alone! It’s no wonder why the react native app business has seen tremendous growth. And! based on current trends, it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Why React Native is the Best Platform to Launch Your MVP App

Every product starts with an idea and development, especially mobile apps, has never been easier. But, how do you choose the right platform for MVP? There are tons of options out there and every one has its upsides and downsides. However, React Native is the best platform to launch your MVP app for a number

Why Do Startups Choose React Native Over Hybrid Apps?

A never-ending argument continues to happen about React Native vs. Hybrid apps for startups since 2015 – the first time we’ve heard of React Native. The debate isn’t about which platform is more efficient but about which one is best suited for startup business needs: quicker release dates, lower costs, higher quality work. You must

What Are the Pros & Cons of React Native for Healthcare Apps?

React Native has taken the mobile app development industry by storm, particularly for healthcare apps. As React Native grows in popularity and features, developers are continuing to find new uses for it. However, as with any technology, React Native does have its pros and cons, both from a user perspective and from a developer standpoint.